Monday, April 7, 2014

{Week 17} Aculco - April 7, 2014

Hi Family. And everyone else. How's it going?

I received a letter from Brent and Janice, and Denyse. Thanks so much! It was fun to see what's going on in your lives :) AND I got one from Jennafer! Penny! Thanks so much! I'm so happy to hear from you and I'm glad basketball is going well! I can't picture you with holes in your ears and gunk on your face, but whatever. I'm sure you look beautiful.

The scariest thing that has happened was... I can't think of anything. My area is pretty tame. Apparently I'm in the safest zone and one of the safest areas. The most I get is everyone calling me guerra or guerrita (White girl) and some guys will say things like 'oh look at the precious guerrita. Que bonita guerrita.' It's more funny than anything.

I haven't eaten anything really strange yet, but I have an appointment this Thursday to eat tacos de tripe - intestines (I'm not sure of which animal). Apparently it's really good... I have my doubts.

I haven't been sick at all, but I have been pretty tired lately...

And Hermana Cruz.... She's been having a tough time because she misses her old area where she was for 7 months, and because she feels like we can't talk, and apparently she's used to joking and laughing with her comps. Unfortunately I barely understand Gospel Spanish let alone jokes, so she feels pretty alone, which has made it difficult for her to focus on those we teach and feel the Spirit. She told me that I'm her toughest comp so far. And I don't know... we just don't click. She won't give me any advice for weeks, even when I ask for it, and then she dumps all the things I need to do better on my head all in one evening, which makes me feel overwhelmed and sad... It's all good advice, but all at once it's pretty overwhelming. And basically we just don't talk. We walk in silence.... everywhere. So obviously, it's difficult at times to have unity in lessons when we're both mad at each other. But the other night we had a huge talk, and things have been better since then. She's really good, she's just having trouble with focusing on the work, and my lack of Spanish doesn't make things any better.
But on a happier note, wasn't conference amazing? The English speaking Missionaries all went in a side room to watch on our own TV... but when it started it was in Spanish! but we figured out how to change it. But then, after Elder Holland's talk, our TV cut off, as well as the feed to the chapel. They were able to get the Spanish going again, but not ours. But ironically, we were rescued by a disobedient missionary who had an Iphone... he tuned into the internet, we plugged into a speaker, and then listened to the first session in English. The second session went without a hitch. Sunday morning, we didn't get a TV and all crowded around a computer in the family history center... but the internet was too slow, so we just listened again, and the same for the Sunday afternoon session. But the internet died with about 30min left in the session, so we missed the last speakers. But other than the technical difficulties, wasn't it awesome! I especially liked Holland, Uchtdorf, Bednar, and Pres Monson's remarks in the Sunday morning session. I was so sad when conference was over. I loved it. I was so happy to get to hear it in English - and I can scarcely wait for the Liahona to come out so I can study the talks. We get Liahonas every month which is nice. And 2 of my investigators came to the Sunday morning session! I was pretty ecstatic about that. Although apparently they almost fell asleep... yikes.

The language is coming along... I can say pretty much everything I need to in lessons, but apparently my accent is pretty bad and people have trouble understanding me sometimes...I'm working on that. And I'm still pretty lost in everyday talk. I can do the basics... but I think that's going to take some time.

And the other day we were walking, and Elder Sibrian nudged my foot funny so I stumbled and my shoe fell off. So I promptly grabbed my other shoe and chucked it at his head. (Don't worry people - they're croc flats so they are super light. It didn't hurt him. much.) It was pretty funny. Maybe not exactly appropriate but... yeah.

I love it here. This last week has been pretty hard with my comp... but we have 3 investigators who are progressing, and it looks like one will be baptized this Sunday!
My comp was super excited to see the Stutznegger's photo, and so was I. She thinks he looks Mexican. (this was a picture of their future mission president and his wife by the map at the MTC) 
And the house looks so good! You're awesome Dad! Nice job!
Mom, thanks so much for your letters. I love reading them every Monday.
Richelle and Logan, love you both! be good parents for my niece-nephew (why isn't there one English word for your nieces and nephews? Like grandchildren... that's not gender specific. niece and nephew... it's a mouthful)
Jordy and Smalls, be awesome. That is all.
Penny, I haven't forgotten about our movie night!
Katia and Mackenzie. I wanted to tell you both how much I love you and I hope you're having a ton of fun back home. Do something awesome for me and send me a picture!

And Dad. How was your mission? How many baptisms did you have? What was it like living in a different country so far away from home? How was the language for you? Did you have some difficult comps? What helped you? I want to know EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for your example to me. It's because of the stories that you've told us that I've always wanted to serve a mission. With time, my reasons for wanting to be here have changed, but your stories are what planted the desire. I love you!

I don't know what else to write... Things are good. I'm trying to work hard and study hard. I think conference inspired my comp to want to work again, and I know it helped me a ton. I finish my training this week. I've been learning a lot about faith in the Lord's timing, and not our own. D&C 63:9-13 and D&C 24 have been really inspiring for me lately. I love the work and the people, and I love you all! I look forward to talking on Mother's day - how are we going to do that? do we still have skype? and Saturday or Sunday? And Richelle, you need to have your baby before or after Mother's day. I'd prefer before, but you're not allowed to be stuck in the hospital when I call home, ¿Sale? (ok)

But honestly things are good. Like Uchtdorf said, be grateful. I have a comfy bed, my Spanish is slowly getting better, the food is good, we got to listen to conference, I'm getting a tan, I feel the Spirit tons, I'm learning a lot, and we have hot water again! (we've been showering in cold water for the last 3 weeks). Tons to be grateful for :)

I love you all. I love Mexico, and I love my companion.
Be good, say your prayers, and love everyone. And Jenna get another 3 pointer for me!
Until next Lunes,
-Hermana Taylor

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