Monday, June 2, 2014

{Week 25} Polanco - June 2, 2014

First of all.... Richelle and Logan, I am so happy for you two! I love you both so much, and I have to admit that when I first saw a picture of your baby I just started to cry! Richelle, I wish I could be there to hold your baby. I know you'll be great parents. Love you both a billion.

So this new area is great! The ward is called P, and we're P 3, because there are 3 sets of missionaries in this ward, four elders and us! The ward is huge - the chapel was filled to overflowing. Apparently there are a ton of less actives too. The elders are Elders Garcia (Mexico) and Martinez (Columbia) - they were in the MTC together and have 1 year - which means we'll be going home at the same time! And the other elders are Elders Gurken (Arizona) and Duque (Honduras). Elder Gurken is the District Leader and is great - he's had a ton of success on his mission so far (10months) and he works hard and helps us a lot. My district is made up of them and Hermana Ingram and Hna Bennett.

And my companion! Hermana Mercedes is great - love her! We work hard and it's awesome. We've been having a good time, and I'm super glad for the chance we have to be comps! We've dropped a whole bunch of investigators this last week that weren't progressing, and we've been working hard to find new people to teach.

We have 3 investigators right now with dates for baptism - Angel, Karina, and Ana Maria. Angel is 9, and he's already been to church the required 3 weeks, but his parents wouldn't let him get baptized till just now - the mom is less active and the dad isn't a member and is almost always working. But Angel's grandparents are members and he goes to church with them. So last night we went and talked to his parents and they finally gave permission! He was so excited! So now we just have to teach him - his date is for the 14th. Karina is also 9. She's the second oldest of 8 kids - and they are the rowdiest children you'll ever meet. We have to be super creative to keep her attention in the lessons. But she likes listening and really wants to be baptized too. Her situation is sad - there are 8 kids, and the baby girl is about 6months and still doesn't have a name. Their parents don't take care of them - it's all left to their grandma, Angelica, who is a less active member. Karina's date for baptism is the 21st. And our last investigator, Ana Maria, is progressing really well - going to church, reading the Book of Mormon... it's great! She's about 25 and has a two year old daughter. So yay! And there are other investigators, but they're the ones who are progressing the most.

So on Friday it rained. And rained. And rained! Our area flooded, and we were walking in water up to our ankles, calves and in one spot almost our knees! It was crazy how much water there was! And it just kept raining! We got caught in it, so we were soaked, and for some reason, none of our appointments decided to be in their houses that day, so we were outside for a long time. Lots of fun!

Me and the rain and the flood.

Hna Mercedes and the rain.
 Traffic was crazy - so many people trying to avoid the flooded areas - some started going down the wrong side of the road on the bigger streets, and that just caused a whole bunch of traffic problems. And then there was this huge semi trying to flip a u turn in the middle of it all... it was a mess and pretty hilarious. But by the night time, all the water was a filthy black because of all the contamination, and our area reeked! It stunk so bad! The streets were flooded until about Saturday night.

Me and the flood again.  Crocs are my favourite shoes!

My companion in the flood.
And Saturday, there was a Noche de Hogar (FHE) in the chapel for the ward, but afterwards there was a baptism for some of the elders. Friday morning they came and cleaned out the font so it would be ready, but then because of the rain and flooding, the water came in through the men's bathroom and flooded the font - so it was filthy! So during the activity, we were all frantically trying to get the font clean in time so that it could get filled up. It all worked out, and although the water for the baptism was a little lower than usual, it wasn't a problem.

Cleaning the font - Elder Gurken is behind Hna Mercedes.
Elder Gurken cleaning. He kept joking that the last time the font was cleaned was before Noah and the Flood.

Elder Duque in the water, and Elders Martinez and Gurken. And a kid in the ward.

Hna Mercedes :)

Saturday night I was feeling pretty discouraged though. It was after the baptism, and I was feeling down due to my lack of success and because it didn't seem like people were progressing, so I went and read my patriarchal blessing, and I can promise you that Heavenly Father really does know and love us. There were several things in there that were exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. I am so grateful that we know of His love! And then Sunday we had a bunch of good stuff happen- that's when we discovered Angel and Karina, and put the date for Ana Maria. This morning we had a meeting with our zone, and the zone leaders talked about how we need to have diligence and patience - the diligence to always do our best and keep working hard, and the patience to wait for the blessings of the Lord. So that's my goal for the next while - patience and diligence.

And yeah! That's my week! The area is good, the members are nice, and there are several that are always willing to come with us to visit people.

Us and two members that I love - Hna Magdonado and her daughter. They come with us a lot for lessons.

It's been a good week! Love you all - and Chelle and Logan, take care of my sobrina for me! I can't wait to meet her!

Be good, say your prayers, and give Addison Rose a big kiss for me!
Love you all :)
-Hermana Taylor

My new home . . .

Our bed - I have the top.

Other side of our room - the closet.


Study room.

Our bathroom. We currently don't have gas, so we boil water on the stove and then shower with that green bucket.
That's it - love you all!!!

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