Monday, March 31, 2014

{Week 16} Aculco - March 31, 2014

Hi  :)
So, I didn't get to see the broadcast. For some reason we weren't allowed... But this weekend we will get to watch all sessions of conference, and I'll get to watch in English, which I am very excited for.

Me :) I don't know if this pic will work for my missionary plaque,
but I always forget to take others. If you wait, eventually I'll send a better one.

I got the pouch letters from Carlee and Denyse. Thanks! And Smalls, that letter made my day. Seriously hilarious. I laughed so hard, and tried to translate for my comp, but she didn't get it. Yeah, you can wear my clothes. I honestly don't remember what I have there. Only you can't wear my tear away sweats and provincial basketball shirt. And anything else you wear please put back!

So I just found out that my area is right at the end of our mission. Two sides of it are the South Mission. And I live in  ---, Iztacalco, Distrito Federal.
Today we went shopping! But I didn't buy anything... I looked but the only dress that I liked my comp snatched up first. We have this ginormous amazing mall about 10min bus ride from my area, and we go there a lot on Pday to bowl, eat in the food court, shop... It's kind of funny because on Pday we always stay together as a district or zone, but we still seem to split into two groups - Americans and Latinos. So being Canadian I don't fit in anywhere! Just kidding. I usually hang with the Latinos - it's good Spanish practice to hang with them.
And now for some miracles!!
Last week I forgot to say this. There was a lady in our ward who was ancient and the sweetest old lady - Hna Marina. Well anyway, she died, so we went to the funeral Saturday morning. And while there, waiting for it to start, this lady called to us from the gate (there are big walls and gates around all the church buildings) because she needed to use the bathroom! So we let her in, showed her to the bathroom, then waited, and when she came out we ambushed her - we took her to a room and started to teach her the first lesson. It turned into a super spiritual lesson where we were able to help her feel more peaceful about all the problems in her life. Turns out she lives in a different mission though, so we passed on her reference and they're teaching her now. But she came to our English class later and told us that she is taking the lessons! We ended up missing the funeral, but whatever - we were able to help this lady.

And there is this guy - Rafael - that sells pan (bread) on a street corner close to our house. This pan is more like donut, croissant type things - big and sweet and delicious. We pass him every night on our way to our house. A couple nights ago we started to chat more with him, but he works all day, everyday so we never could make an appointment. The other night we stopped to chat with him, and he told us about the troubles of the day, and how he still had like 70 pieces of pan, and was going to lose it all because it was so late and he still had so much, and he can't sell day old pan... anyway we felt bad, so I suggested to my comp that we buy some pan. It's not much, but it was the best we could do to help him right then. As soon as the pan was in our hands, and before we had a chance to pay, a flood of people descended and practically cleaned out his pan. Afterwards he wouldn't accept our payment, and instead thanked us. He said he didn't know what it was, but we bring a type of peace with us. And then he agreed to give us a proper appointment, where we can actually talk with him about the gospel rather than just 5 minutes every night. It was amazing. And then when we got to the house, Hna San was on her way to buy some pan from him too. It was great.

So Armando didn't come to church. But we taught him after, and I think he really wants to change his life. He's been having a lot of difficulties with the Word of Wisdom (Palabra de Sabiduria) but he is doing great otherwise. But because he missed church, we can't baptize him this Saturday. But possible the next one...the 12 of April. We have another investigator - Julia - and she's getting baptized that day too. She came to church yesterday and loved it. And Rosa and Paulino... turns out she is already married, and Paulino is just her boyfriend... they didn't come to church and we're not really sure what's going to happen with them... but we have an appointment with Rosa's daughter tomorrow, so maybe that will turn out to be something... I dunno!

One day we were at the church for a lesson with Julia, the day we invited her to be baptized on the 12th, and she brought her 2 year old daughter. To keep her daughter occupied, Hna Cruz gave her her name tag, because she has fun stickers on the back. We were having the lesson in the room with the baptismal font, and we had opened it so Julia could see it, and for some reason there was water in the font, and then Julia's daughter threw Hna Cruz's name tag in the font! So after the lesson I volunteered to fish it out. I hiked up my skirt and went swimming!! Sort of... the closest I'll get to swimming here. I tried to pick it up with my toes, but it was too flat so, I ended up having to reach in with my arm. I got my shirt wet so I was soaking for the rest of the day. But it was fun! and cold! what an adventure! lol

But anyway, stuff here is going great. I'm a bit depressed we haven't had a baptism yet... this mission is very much about the numbers. They're constantly stressing the need to have 55 lessons and 1 baptism every week, and if you don't you're being disobedient and get planched by the DL, ZL, AP, or Pres. ('Planchar' is a Spanish verb that means 'to straighten' - like your hair, or ironing, but we apply it to being 'straightened out' too, although that's not actually correct. The English speakers have taken it a step farther and say 'planched' for 'scolded'...) but anyway, it's a bit discouraging.

But we're working hard and I'm praying that Armando and Julia can be ready to be baptized the 12th! The 15th is cambios (transfers), and the end of my 12weeks of training.

It's great here. It's hot here. And it's been raining and hailing a lot lately... my comp is amazed by the hail. Apparently doesn't exist in Veracruz...
Hermana Cruz and hail.

Be good, say your prayers, and... and seriously. Say your prayers. Prayer is amazing. I've never prayed so much in my life.
Love you all!
-Hermana Taylor

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