Monday, May 25, 2015

{Week 76} Polanco - May 25, 2015

So it's Monday again! This week was crazy - it went by soooo slooow. But that's a good thing :) We felt like we hardly had any lessons and that we were in the street all day every day, but when we counted at the end, we had 49 lessons this week! Everyone is spoiling us and making our favorite food before we go home. And in every house that we go to, they ask us how much time we have left before we go home. But even with everyone talking about it, I still can't believe it. I know that I only have two weeks left, but it's like I can't imagine any other life than missionary life. I still feel like I just got here, but at the same time I can't remember any other life. It's a pretty crazy feeling. It still hasn't hit me that I'm coming home soon, and I don't think it will for another 2 weeks. But I am getting tired. Every time I go home I feel exhausted. And before I know it, it's 6:30 and I have to get up again. Actually that's pretty easy - I can't sleep past 6:30. I'm too used to getting up! Often I'm awake by 6 and just laying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off!

Jordy, you should wait for me and we'll go to Institute together! (haha you don't have too....)
Waterton looked like a ton of fun. I'm an expert at walking right now, so we should go hiking a lot when I get home lol!
Mackie, thanks for your letter! It made me so happy to hear from you! I love you!

So this week we did divisions with Hna Bennett and her companion Hna Tirado. I spent the day with Hna Bennett, which was a ton of fun. It reminded me of the MTC days - it feels like that was forever ago!

I love Mexico - we saw some interesting things this week that you wouldn't see anywhere else...
- there was a guy smoking weed in front of his house, and this guy walked past him walking his dog. The weed-smoker handed his joint over to the dog-walker, who took a few puffs, handed it back and continued on his way! What friendly neighbours to share their drugs.
- A guy was trimming his bushes with a giant machete. We contacted him. Then he said we were ''muy guapas'' (very gorgeous) so we just gave him a pamphlet and kept going! It's a bit strange when the guy with a machete starts trying to flirt... 
- a drunk guy was really mad about something and was shouting and cursing and throwing rocks at a house... that's actually a pretty normal occurrence lol.

And the sun had this crazy ring around it! They were saying that there were ice crystals in the air, and that the sun was reflecting off them, making the crazy circle. The people kind of went crazy - lots were saying it was a sign from God, while others were saying that it was announcing some big natural disaster. But so far we've just been getting a lot of rain lol.
The world ended....

And the other day, we went to a member's house to eat - and normally we love eating with this member because the food is always delicious! But this time, she had forgotten... so her husband gave us the food... and he gave us chicharron! That is pretty much pig skin - they fry it, then they soak it in salsa, so it becomes a nasty, soggy, booger looking thing. It is terrible. Hna Ingram and I were both wondering what we were going to do - I can choke it down, but I don't like it, and she hates it. So thankfully, the member left for five minutes, so we grabbed the plastic bag I had in my backpack to protect my books from the rain, and we shoveled all the chicharron into it then  hid it in my backpack. That stuff is seriously so nasty. It's almost as bad a mole lol.
Hiding the chicharron.

We had a super spiritual experience the other day. Around Christmas time, a member here took us to visit a lady named Guadelupe - she's a member, but she has cancer, so she hasn't been able to come to church in a while. She's the only member in her family. When I met her at Christmas, she was in a lot of pain, and you could see the tumor in her neck - it was about golf ball size. This last week, we went to visit her again. Her house was full of people - all of her family was there. They ushered us to her room, and she was sitting on her bed. she was sooo skinny. She was literally like a skeleton just sitting there. and the tumor was huge - like softball sized. We sang ''I Stand all Amazed'' with her, and she was mouthing along the words with us as we sang. Then we said a prayer and talked with her for a bit. It was really hard for her to talk - we had to really focus to understand what she was saying. She remembered me from when I came last time to see her. She told us that she had died for five minutes and had seen Heavenly Father, but that He had sent her back. She bore her testimony to us, saying that she knew that the church is true, and that God loves her. It was amazing to read the scriptures with her and talk about how much God loves us, and how He was helping her. There was a really special spirit in the room - and there was not a dry eye. Even the nurse that had come to check on her was crying. As we left, she asked us to do a favor for her. She told us to tell the Bishop that she wants her funeral to be held in the church. It was amazing to see someone who has suffered so much continue to have such strong faith.

So our Investigators!
- Alejandro - on Wednesday he was feeling so excited to get baptized. He had his interview - but he had to have a special interview. So later that day we went to the stake center and he had his special interview with the President. And he passed! But then... on Friday he sent us a huge text saying that he had thought about it, and he didn't feel ready. So we rushed over to his house to see what had happened. Turns out that whatever he did in the past that required a special interview was really hard for him to think about, and it made him really emotional, and he didn't want to get baptized any more. We talked with him for a while, and he agreed to pray that night, and we went back Saturday morning to see him. When we went back on Saturday, he told us that he felt like he wasn't ready. He used to run Marathons, so he compared it to that - that when he had a race the next day, if he wasn't ready then he wouldn't go, and instead  would double his efforts for the next race. So he felt like he wasn't ready, so he wanted to wait for the next Saturday, and meanwhile he would redouble his efforts and pray and study a lot to help him be ready. So that's what we're doing! Please keep praying for him! He's a really great guy, and he is sooo ready to get baptized, he just needs a lot of help to get over his doubts!
- Bertha and Carlos are still doing great. They are both super excited to get baptized and love everything that they are learning. Please keep praying for them too!
- and Nora wasn't progressing so we had to drop her. 

I miss you guys. I really do. I'm excited to hug you all. But at the same time I feel really sad to leave. I can't imagine what it'll be like to not be a missionary anymore. And I'm going to miss the people here. I love them so much. It is something amazing to be representative of Jesus Christ - we're constantly teaching and testifying of Him and His plan for us. The spirit is always so strong. And it's amazing to see the changes in people's lives when the Spirit testifies to them of the truthfulness of our message. I'm so glad that I came on a mission, and that the Lord called me to serve among the people of Mexico. 

Be good, say your prayers, and read the scriptures. These things are seriously so important to do. They are the things that help us come closer to Christ and that keep us from falling when things get hard. I love you all tons.

-Hna Taylor

PS. President and Sis Stutznegger say ''Hi'' :)
PPS. Photo credits to Hna Ingram

Monday, May 18, 2015

{Week 75} Polanco - May 18, 2015

Hi family! I miss you guys. The other day we went to the Visitor's Center at the temple again, and the movie about the family made me cry. I'm excited to hug you all again.  And Tony Romas sounds great! And my favorite dessert is Black Forest in a Bowl! (just for your information...)

I'm not sure about what I want to talk about for my homecoming talk... I've learned so many amazing thing here that I could probably talk forever. I wouldn't mind talking about charity... or the Atonement... or the importance of having a testimony about Jose Smith and the Book of Mormon... or about seeking and following inspiration... or whatever other topic. It'd probably just be easier if they assigned me something.

(I asked her how Home and Visiting Teaching was going in her Ward, and this was her response:)
So about this ward... The visiting teaching and home teaching program in this ward is pretty much nonexistent. We are constantly trying to help everyone get excited about doing it, but this ward is a lot of talk and not a lot of action. We're working hard, but it's frustrating sometimes. I do love this ward, but I feel like taking the missionaries out will be a good thing. They're used to us doing all the work and visiting the less actives. It'll be good to get them working, even if it is al fuerzas. 

So this has been a great week with our investigators. Lots of good stuff happening!

 - Alejandro - when we first started visiting him, he just wanted to learn. He was NOT interested in getting baptized. But the other day when we saw him, he said ''I'm convinced. I can't make any excuses. I need to get baptized.'' He then said that he would definitely be getting baptized before we go home, but he felt like that week was too soon. But he also said that if we felt like he should be baptized that week, he would do it. Normally we would have said ''Yes! This week!'' but we both felt really strongly that we should wait a week to give us more time to teach him so that he would be more prepared. So now the plan is for this Saturday. He's been progressing a ton. He has changed so much since we started visiting him. Pray for him! 

I love seeing the changes in people's lives as they start to live and believe in the thing we teach them. It's amazing the power that the Atonement has to help us pick our lives up and change things around, and to help us become better people. 

 - Carlos - He is a huge example of how through faith we can change our lives. On Monday night, we went and knocked on his door, and he came out!... drunk. He was really sad, and said that he hadn't wanted us to see him like that, and that's why he was hiding from us. But he decided to come clean. We talked to him for about five minutes in front of his house, and we made an appointment for the next day. When we came back, we knocked on the door and his daughter came out, and told us that he was still drunk. Normally at that point, we would have just left and come back later, but Gustavo (remember Gustavo? he's fellowshipping Carlos and always comes with us to the appointments) asked if we could go talk to him anyway. So she let us in, and we went and chatted with Carlos for about thirty minutes. He's a really sturdy drunk, and if we didn't smell the alcohol, we wouldn't have even known he was drunk. We had a great chat with him - Gustavo helped him a ton. We talked a bit about the faith and how if he put in his part and had the desire, he could turn his life around. When we left, we could tell that he was sincere in  his desire to change. That night he went with Gustavo to the addictions class that Adolfo is giving in the church. We've been visiting him everyday to help him, and he is doing so great. He came to church on Sunday, and in the Gospel Principles class they were talking about faith, and the teacher asked him when he was going to start exercising his faith, and he said ''ya empezĂ©'' (I already started). His original baptismal date was for yesterday, but we had to change it. When we invited him to prepare to get baptized on the 7th of June, he said ''You bet. This time I'm really going to do it!'' He is progressing a ton! 

 - Bertha - she is amazing. When we put her baptismal date, she said yes before we even finished the question. We taught her about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and the next day she told us about the plans that she and her husband have to not sell hamburgers on Sunday night anymore so that they can keep the Sabbath day holy. You have no idea how big of a miracle this is. NOBODY here keeps the Sabbath day holy - they all buy food, and a ton work. So it's amazing to see her faith and desire to keep the commandment. And her husband doesn't want anything to do with us, but he is really supporting his wife which is a huge blessing. On Sunday I sat beside her 5 year old daughter Alison in church, and helped keep her entertained. That was so much fun - I miss watching kids in church!

We also went to the temple on Saturday - we took Alejandro, Gustavo, and Rosa and her family to the Visitor's Center at the temple. They loved it. 

Us with Rosa and her family at the Visitor's Center.

Us with Gustavo at the Visitor's Center.
They show us a video about a family there, and then after, ask what we thought about it. It's an amazing video, and always touches everyone. Victor, Rosa's 7 year old son, was crying really hard afterwards. The two Sisters giving the tour asked him why he was crying, and he said it was because he wanted a little brother or sister. He told them that his little sister died, and he missed her. It was so sad - not a dry eye in the group. Rosa was crying really hard too. It was amazing to testify with the Sister's there that their family could be together. The spirit was so strong. I love going to the Visitor's Center! And I am SUPER excited to go to the temple when I come home! I haven't been to the temple in a long time! 

Alejandro, Rosa, Israel, Gustavo, me, Victor, and Hna Ingram at the temple! 

And on Wednesday we went back to the President's house and finished designing the year long training program for the mission with him, his wife, and the assistants. It was a lot of fun! 

And funny story! Remember how I told you that Bertha's little boy is deaf? Well... he's not. When she first introduced us to him, she said ''this is my son Jonothan. He's 2. He's left handed.'' That's where we got confused, because the word for left handed is ''zurdo'', but we thought she said ''sordo'' which means deaf. So we went for like a week thinking he was deaf. And he's a really quiet kid - never talks, so we believed it. And honestly, how many people introduce their kid saying ''This is my son. He's left handed.''? So anyway, the other day she mentioned again that her son was ''zurdo''. So Hna Ingram asked how they came to realize that he was ''sordo'', and Bertha told us that they noticed that he had started to use his left hand for everything. And we were thinking ''What does using his left hand have to do with being deaf?'' So we were like ''Wait wait wait... what is he?'' And that's when she explained to us what zurdo meant, and we explained that we thought she had been saying sordo. We had a really good laugh over that one!

I'm really enjoying being with Hna Ingram. We laugh a ton, and we get along well and we work well together. It's a blast! 

Last night I couldn't sleep for some reason, so around 12 I went up and just sat on the roof for a bit. I could see the city lights go on forever. There was mariachi music and fireworks in the distance. There was a lot of noise, but at the same time it was really peaceful. It was beautiful. I love this place. 

I love you all tons. I hope you all have a great week. Be good, say your prayers, and enjoy Waterton!
Hna Taylor

Monday, May 11, 2015

{Week 74} Polanco - May 11, 2015

Hi family! It was really strange talking to you all yesterday. I was waiting for the tears, but they didn't come until we had already hung up. I love it here, but I am getting really excited to see you all soon. And this morning Hna Ingram and I went to centro, to the marketplace Ciudadela again, and I bought you all your trinkets... they may not be exactly what you all asked for, but I think you'll like them! I do! I love the traditional Mexican stuff so much! My future house is going to be decorated en una manera muy méxicana!

The APs are Perea and Kelshaw. Our ZLs are Esplin, Garret, and Hixen. They're in a trio because Esplin and Garret go home at the same time I do, and they're training Hixen to be a ZL. My DL is Elder Lee.

So President Stutznegger and his wife are in search of 30 General Conference talks about the Savior to give to the missionaries -  if you have any suggestions you want to send me or him, it'd be really helpful! Thanks.

So you already know that on Wednesday we were in the President's house for most of the day - we made a year long training program for the mission. But we didn't finish it, so next Wednesday we're going back to finish it off. I love being in the president's house - it's super peaceful. We had arrived Tuesday at his house, and then Wednesday morning he went to go pick up the assistants, so while we waited we were just doing personal study. I spent about 2 hours just studying one scripture - John 14:6. I learned a ton of stuff - it was an answer to prayer. One of the messages I got really strong was about the importance of having charity - the way. I could feel so strongly the love that my Heavenly Father and Jesus have for me and for everybody, and I feel like I could understand even better the  need to love everybody. I also learned quite a bit about personal revelation - the truth. It's been so amazing to me to see when I diligently search for revelation, the Lord really does reveal things line upon line, and precept upon precept. And it's through this personal revelation that I find the strength to do as He asks, and I feel His love even stronger. I also learned a lot about the Atonement - the life. I know that through Christ's atonement, we can receive eternal life. Heavenly Father wants us to return to live with Him. We just have to love Him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. And if we truly love Him, we will do as He asks without being compelled to do it. I have really come to love the scriptures over these last 17 months - there are so many treasures found in them, and if we study them everyday, and apply the things we learn to our lives, we can truly change and become the people He wants us to be. 

Our investigators are doing well...
 - Alejandro - we had a great appointment with him on Saturday night. Before, he didn't even really believe that there was a need for him to get baptized - he just liked learning. But on Saturday it was like everything clicked, and he felt the spirit, and came to understand and feel like he needed to be baptized. We have an appointment with him tonight, and depending how things go, he should be getting baptized on Saturday! He has progressed so much since we started teaching him. He's a really great guy. 
 - Bertha - we found her on Tuesday, but she wasn't able to meet with us at all in the week. Sunday we passed by to bring her to church, and she said that she wasn't going to be able to go. We testified to her that it would really help her if she came, so she said she'd meet us there. They say that a lot, but then never show up. but she actually did! About 15 minutes late, but she came! That was a miracle for us, and tomorrow we have another appointment. 
 - Carlos - we've lost Carlos! We can't find him. We don't know if he's avoiding us, or if we just have really bad timing, but pray for him and that we'll find him, because he has so much potential. 
- Nora - she came to church again, but she's really not sure how she feels about the whole baptism thing... pray for her too!
- Edith - she's still not married,  but she came to church on Sunday... she also needs lots of prayers. 

And remember Rosa and Israel? They're the ones that have to get divorced and married before they can get baptized. They are so amazing. We meet with them once a week, and they always come to church on Sunday. Right now they technically don't count as investigators, because they can't get baptized, but we love them. They have such a desire to get baptized, and are working hard to be able to do it. We always feel so happy when we teach them. We love them! The picture is them at the church. 
This is Israel, Rosa, and Victor. I love this family!
 And I love Mother's Day! They gave everyone ice cream in church! And it was Cheese flavor, which is my favorite. It's seriously soooo gooood. You'll have to try it sometime. 

So we've been walking a lot lately... and May is pretty much the hottest month here, so we are always sweltering! Then it always rains at night, so our shoes get wet on the way home. And our area is a lot bigger, and lately people haven't been home, so we usually end up walking around for a couple hours in the hot sun just contacting... lots of fun. 

We also did divisions this week. Hna Ingram went to Oriental with Hna Ortiz, and I stayed in P--- with Hna Valdivia. She's from Tijuana, Baja California, and she goes home when I do. We had a good time together. Divisions are fun - a nice change of pace, and I always learn something new. This week we're trying to do them with Hna Gurley and Hna Llaguarima. Hopefully we're able to do it! 

So that's everything for now! It's so crazy to think I'll only be sending 4 more emails before I come home. I love you all tons and hope you all have a great week. And I'll talk to you soon! Be good, say your prayers, and study the scriptures! love you :)

- Hermana Taylor

Mothers Day Skype

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

{Week 73} Polanco - May 5, 2015

First of all...
MOM!!!!! Happy 46th birthday! I love you so much! 
Just for your information, today is also the Mexican celebration of the battle of Puebla... everyone has school off, but that's about the extent of their partying.

So this has been a fun week! 
On Monday, we got to go to the CCM (Mexico City MTC) to pick up the new missionaries - there is only one new sister, Hna Wong from Baja California. The CCM is really pretty and clean, so I was happy we got to go there. 
The CCM - Hna Wong, Hna Ingram, me, the Assistants Elder Schaap and Elder Perea, and two of the new Elders, Flores and Pacheco

We then went back to the office, and spent a little while training the greenies with the Assistants (and playing a little basketball with a volleyball and a bucket screwed on the wall). 

Then we came to the President's house with Hna Wong where we spent the night! We slept on really comfy mattresses, but it was so hot that night that we hardly slept.  The next morning, we went to the Changes Meeting, and enjoyed that a lot. A bunch of members from our ward came to the meeting to say goodbye to Hna Mercedes, Hna Luque, and Elder Evans. They brought Mariachis which was hilarious - a bunch of dressed up Mexican men singing to the missionaries! It was crazy. 

Then we came back to the President's house with the Assistants and all the missionaries that were going home. We had a nice meal, and a testimony meeting. Then we sent the Elders to the mission offices, and we stayed with the Sisters that were going home! - Hnas Luque, Mercedes, Williams, Nance, and Monarez. We enjoyed our evening together, playing games and chatting. Then, Hna Ingram and I slept on the blow up air mattresses in front of the open porch door - and it was raining outside. We had such an amazing sleep! It was the best sleep I've had in awhile. Then we woke up at 3:30 to take Hna Luque and Hna Mercedes to the airport! That was fun - but super sad. I hugged them both so hard. I love them tons, and it's really sad to think that I might not ever see them again. I cried for a little while after we said goodbye to them. 
Farewells to Hnas Luque and Mercedes at the airport.

Then we raced over to the mission office (this is the President, Sis Stutz, Hna Ingram, and I) to get the next batch of Elder's to board the plane. They were going to be up and ready waiting for us so that when we pulled into the office at 6 they could jump in and we could leave... but when we got there only Elder Schaap (the old assistant that's going home) was ready - the rest were still sleeping. But they all got up fast and were ready to go. That was a hilarious airport trip because Elder Evans had one suitcase, and a laundry bag filled with stuff that he was planning to send through the baggage thing. When we got to the airport, he had to juggle all his stuff because his suitcase was too heavy. So he and Elder Norr were there in the line opening his suitcases and throwing his stuff around. Then they wouldn't accept his laundry bag unless he plastic wrapped it. So he had this giant blue plastic wrapped laundry bag ball that he checked into the baggage. It was so funny. After they took off, we did one more airport run with a few others, then finally headed back to our area and got to work. 
Hna Taylor and Elder Evans - two missionaries from the same hometown.

And yesterday, the President and Sis Stutznegger took us to Ciudadela - a market place where they sell Mexican clothes and trinkets. We had a blast there and I bought two dresses! We spent the whole day with them, and that night we had appointments, so that's why we didn't have time to write. And today, we worked in the morning, then we had to come to the president's house again - we're having a meeting with him and the assistants tomorrow to plan our training program for the year. So right now we're in his house doing nothing, and that's why we decide to write today! So I'm sitting in his nice office on his huge fancy computer in a really comfy chair writing ya'll! 
Hna Taylor with the Stutzneggers and what looks like a little Mexican man trinket!

And when Elder Evans went home, they took his companion Choc out of the area. So we now have the biggest area in our whole zone! We are now the only missionaries in our ward, and our ward is one of the biggest. My area practically just more than doubled in size. When Hna Ingram and I finish our mission, they're planning to shut down our ward completely for missionaries. We're kind of sad about that, but we feel like it will be really good for the ward in the long run. We told the Bishop and the ward mission leader the other day that that was the plan, and they were sad, but now they're making a whole bunch of plans about how they're going to work - this ward is suddenly more excited about missionary work than ever, which is ironic because they're taking the missionaries out!

But we're seeing some really good stuff happen! We've got a bunch of investigators...
- Alejandro - the elders were teaching him. He's already come to church like 6 times. but he has a ton of doubts and is really not sure what he wants to do. But yesterday we had a great lesson with him - we challenged him to pray right there with us and ask God if it was all true and if he should get baptized. So he did! We all kneeled down and he prayed - Hna Ingram and I were both praying at the same time so hard in our hearts that he would feel the spirit. When he ended his prayer, he just kind of sat there with his eyes closed for a good five minutes. Then we all sat down again, and he told us that he felt really peaceful. So right now we're working with him for May 16th for his baptism. He's a hard case, but I know that he can do it. We're also getting to know his family a lot better - his wife and Ana and his 2 kids. We're trying to arrange teaching them too.
- Nora - So we contacted her son Alberto by knocking on their door, and he gave us a return appointment. But when we came back, he was sleeping, but Nora let us in to teach her. She loved our message. The next morning we dropped by to take her to church with us, and she and her husband Jose came! They only stayed for Sacrament meeting, but they liked it, and Jose wanted to know when we'll come teach him too. So they're both doing pretty great!
- Edith - this is the mom (her daughter Edith got baptized a couple weeks ago) she's great, but she just needs to get married so she can get baptized - and her husband works in the army so he's never home and it's been hard to find a time for it to happen. She's great, we just don't want her to get cold, and decide not to do it.
- Carlos - he's progressing really well, but on Sunday he had to leave town and didn't come to church, so his baptismal date fell through. :( But we'll be seeing him on Thursday and we'll work with him to put a new goal.
- Bertha - She was a reference from a new convert named Lourdes. We actually just barely taught her for the first time this morning, and it was really good. The Spirit was strong. And she told us that she felt really peaceful, and that that was what she had been missing in her life. So we have some high hopes for her. She's married, but her husband doesn't want anything, and her kids are really cute - her daughter is 5 and her son is 3 and is deaf. 

These are the investigators that we have right now, and they could all use a ton of prayers! 

We also have high hopes for a family that we met on Sunday. We were walking down the street, and we passed a lady and her daughter. They kind of did the double take and looked at us, (but that's normal here), then kept walking. I actually felt like I should contact them, but for some reason I didn't. Then the mom stopped and shouted after us, asking if we spoke English. Her daughter had some English homework with her, but didn't know how to do it. So they took us to their house which was in the other street, and let us in and gave us juice, and we helped the little girl with her homework for about 30 min. While doing that, the whole family gathered around to see who the strange white girls in their house were, so we started chatting and introducing ourselves and explaining that we were missionaries. We told them that we'd like to come back to keep helping with her English homework, but also to teach them all about God - and they said yes! So on Friday we have an appointment to go teach them. It's a family of 5 - and they seem really great. We have some high hopes for them - they could also use your prayers! 

So it's been a great week! i love it here. Hna Ingram and I are having a lot of fun together. We speak some crazy Spanglish and it's hilarious. We get along great, so that makes it easy to work hard and help people. I'm loving life and can't believe that the time is rapidly coming to an end. The members here looove reminding us that we're going home soon. But we're having a great time.  I love Mexico. 

Hope you all have a great week. You're all amazing. Katia, I'm glad you're okay. Jenna, you rock that Bball. Jordy and Carlee, keep up the the good work in softball! Mackenzie, I love you. Chelle, I love you too. Dad, thanks for your letters. I love hearing from you. Logan, you're pretty awesome too. Addison, I don't know you yet, but I'm looking forward to hugging you! And Mom, thank you so much for faithfully writing me every week. I love reading your letters. You're pretty much the best mom that exists. Thanks for being mine. I hope you have a great birthday and I'll talk to you on Sunday. I love you all! Be good, say your prayers, and give mom a huge hug for me! And be thinking about any souvenirs that you want me to bring you - I'll be asking you all about it on Sunday. Love you!

-Hermana Taylor
Hna Luque and I.

Hna Mercedes and I.