Monday, October 6, 2014

{Week 43} Polanco - October 6, 2014

Jordy, thank you so much for your letter! I loved it, and I am honestly so excited to live with you. You rock kid! (the rest of you are all awesome too :) )

SMALLSS!!! Feliz CumpleaƱos! that is so crazy that you are going to be 16... honestly can't believe my little smalls is all grown up and saving China!

We didn't get to see the women's broadcast. I didn't even hear any mention of it, so I don't know what happened there... General Conference kind of snuck up on us. Last time I was counting down the days for like a month, but this time it was Sunday and we were shocked to realize it was conference the next week. I loved conference! It was so good - unfortunately due to a bunch of random circumstances none of our investigators made it, but it was really good. Saturday morning we went to our home ward to watch it - 5 min before it started they finally started setting up the internet and projector, and then realized there was too much light in the building and we couldn't see the image. So they spent the first 20 min of conference trying to tape up all the windows, but then abandoned that endeavor and instead tried to hook the computer up to a TV, but then realized they didn't have the right cord, so they sent someone to buy it, but they bought the wrong one, so they had to go back and buy another, but then the TV wasn't working for some reason... then the internet was really bad and eventually just died... basically we didn't get anything out of the first session. For the second session we went to the stake center and everything was perfect and I got to watch it in English (yes!) and I LOVED it. We were all in the Institute building across the parking lot. There were some really awesome, really powerful talks. And when the Spanish speaker started talking, we all got up and ran across the parking lot to the church to watch it in Spanish. And it was a great talk. Then, we realized the next speaker was Elder Holland, and we booked it back across the parking lot to watch him in English. The Sunday morning session we went back to our home ward. This time it was much better - a TV and the projector - a bunch of windows were taped so we could see, and it was all set up 1 hour before conference started. The only problem was that the internet died the moment the prophet came to the mike so we missed the last 10 min and his talk. For Sunday afternoon we went to the stake center again. I love conference so much and was so sad to see it end! I loved the talk by Elder Scott - I've been applying it in all the lessons since we heard it. I also loved Elder Bednar's talk and wished that I had investigators there. I love conference so much!
Watching conference in English in the Institute building.

So... cambios! That was a lot of fun - it's fun to see all the elders and hermanas joking and talking and hugging old comps. President Stutznegger started off the cambios by telling us that our loved ones that have died are here in Mexico softening the hearts of the people. And then just a few moments later, he and his wife found out that their nephew had died. He was in front of us all just crying, and we were all dead silent. It was so sad, but at the same time the spirit was strong knowing that now his nephew would be here too, preaching the gospel.

And my new companion is..... Hermana Luque! (Lu-k) She is from Argentina and is 22. She has 1 year in the mission. She trained Hna Gurley. She is so sweet and laughs at everything and we have had a fun week together - and we work hard! We're contacting like wild women. The other day we were in a house of less actives waiting for the heavy rain to pass - and she was telling all the stories of how her old pets died... and for some reason they all died in funny-ironic ways and we were all laughing so hard! I love her so much - and she helps me a lot. I loved Hna Mercedes, but I believe it's the changes that are what help us grow and become better, and I feel like I've already learned tons from Hna Luque. I've also been bumped up and am now senior comp.

It's been funny these last few days because everyone is asking where Hna Mercedes went - both members and our friends in the street (people we see everyday - but who don't want to listen to us, but always want to chat and practice English - they include a few old ladies, some kids, and several harmless druggies and drunks :). One of the drunks ran across the street when he saw us and asked ''Where's Mercedes!?'' - and I told him ''She's gone, she left''. He got a shocked look and said ''No more?'' and I said - ''Nope, no more.''  He gasped and said ''She died?!'' It was pretty funny and we quickly set him straight.

And dad, ever since you asked me about Quezacoatl, that subject has been brought up every day! It's pretty interesting stuff!
(Dad asked:  How do the Mexicans view the idea of the Savior appearing to the people in ancient America? I think they call Him Quetzecotyl (sp?) or the Great White Spirit. And how does this fit in when they read about it in the Book of Mormon? Please expound on this for me.)
And a couple weeks ago, a lady randomly contacted us in the street and asked if we give English classes. Fast thinker that I am (lol) I told her that yes we did, every Saturday at 10 (randomly picking a time and day - we weren't actually giving classes). She got a disappointed look and said,''Oh too bad, I'm busy every Saturday until 2.'' I was like, ''Oh that's ok, because we also have a class at 3!'' And then that Saturday at 3 I started teaching her English! And last week she brought her husband! And I'm being sneaky and throwing in all sorts of churchy stuff like starting with a prayer and throwing in random fun facts about missionaries and our beliefs. They're both really awesome, and we have sneaky plans to start teaching them soon! lol :)

And the colorful skirt I bought in the tianguis - the other skirt that someone made for me is red. Someday a picture of it will get sent.
Gustavo made me and Mercedes piƱatas. Super cool!
Aaron is doing awesome - but couldn't come to church on Sunday because he went on vacation. And Fabiola is also on vacation. And we found several new people this week, and we'll see what happens with them. One of them believes in the Santa Muerte - Holy Death. Basically she worships the Grim Reaper. (A lot of people do that here.)

And... yeah! Fun stuff :) I love the mission. I love my comp. The food is delicious, Spanish is great, the Spirit is strong, I'm counting down the days to the time that we get the Liahona with the conference talks.

We had an infestation of ants, but then I was reading about those oils you sent with me mom, and found out that they don't like the smell of peppermint. So I went slightly crazy with the peppermint flavored oil and splashed it everywhere. All the ants died. And our house smells like candy canes now.

I love Mexico. I love you all too.

Be good, say your prayers, read your scriptures, do FHE, and go to the temple!
You're all awesome.


PS - Sorry I don't have a picture with Hna Luque yet.

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