Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{Week 10} Aculco - February 17, 2014

Hi Family.

This week has been really hard. Hna G and I got out of the hospital at 6, and got home at 7 pm. It was a crazy day, and we're exhausted!

On Monday night when I went back to the hospital, she looked a lot better. she was up and dressed and I was thinking we might get to leave earlier than a week. But then Tuesday night around 6, she told me her pulse was low, so I went and took it. It was at 35... it's supposed to be 70ish. We called a nurse who took her pulse, then brought in another nurse who also took her pulse, and then the two of them brought in a third nurse who also took it. They all looked at each other for a moment, then got to work. Her IV dosage - which was really low at the time - was increased dramatically as they pumped stuff into her, they did some electro analysis thingy that I couldn't understand the Spanish word for that involved a lot of wires and things hooked up to her, and they gave her a bunch more medicine. We suddenly had doctors and nurses pouring in and out of our room. Around 9 they gave her some more medicine, but it caused her to have major pain in her head. She was crying and screaming because of the pain for about an hour, and all I could do was kneel beside her and hold her hand. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I don't think I've cried that much or prayed that hard in a while... which is saying a lot because we're constantly praying here. They gave her something for the pain, but it took a little while for it to take effect. Basically I kneeled beside her bed till around midnight, then dozed a little in the hard chair by her bed for the rest of the night. We constantly had people coming in and turning on the light, so it was really hard to sleep, and I was so worried about her. They hooked her up to one of those machines that tells your pulse and blood pressure and respiration and that was beeping all night because her pulse was so low. It was one of the most difficult nights of my life.

The next morning, I didn't want to leave, but by order of Pres. Morales, we switched again, and I was taken to a members house where they let me sleep practically all day. It was wonderful, and helped to refresh me both physically and spiritually. Then the next day I worked with Hna Aguilar and Hna Bennett in there area. It was difficult to be in a trio... but it was nice to do missionary work again! The next morning, we went to a wedding! They had a baptism on Sunday, but first their investigator, Miguel, had to marry his wife, Gabriela. They're a really sweet couple and she is 5 months pregnant and is less active they have a 1 and a 1/2 year old named Abril (April in Spanish, pronounced Avreel) who is the cutest thing you'll ever see. I'm convinced that the children here are the cutest in the world. But anyway, we took them to the courthouse where they got married. It was really different, but really sweet because Miguel cried through the whole thing. He is a really humble guy, and they're a great family. They're super poor, and it costs a lot to get married here, so the missionaries paid for it. And then he got baptized on Sunday, but I was back in the hospital so I didn't see it. After the wedding, we went back to the hospital and switched again, and this time Hna Aguilar stayed there and Hna Mercedes came with Hna Bennett and me. We worked all Friday and Saturday, and then Sunday morning before church we switched again and I was back in the hospital. And Hna G was so much better! Her pulse was back up, and she was had a lot more energy, and she was no longer connected to an IV!!!!

Then today, Monday, we were supposed to leave the hospital around 11:00, but due to some miscommunication and confusion with the insurance company, they didn't let us leave until 4:30. Our wonderful landlady, Hna San was there at 11:00 to drive us home, and stuck around till they let us go. But when she left to get her car to come pick us up, it had been impounded or something due to a parking infraction, so she had to pay to retrieve it and the whole thing took forever, so basically Hna G sat in a wheelchair and I stood in the lobby until 6ish when she came and got us. Then it took an hour to drive home! None of us had eaten since breakfast, and were all super starving, so as soon as we got back she made us food.

Hna G has to stay in the casa for one week by doctor's orders, so Hna Aguilar is being switched to our area for the next two weeks, and will be working in our area with me while Hna G rests. Hna A has been here for 17months and 2weeks, so basically her last two weeks in the mission will be with me. And she's nice... but it'll be interesting! I'll let you know how it goes. She arrives in the morning.

The past 11 days (and the next 2 weeks!) have been a huge exercise in both patience and faith for me. My lack of Spanish is really starting to frustrate me, and I've been trying really hard to have faith that this is what's supposed to happen. I've been studying faith a lot recently in my personal study, and I highly recommend Ether 12 to anyone who wants to read it. It's been difficult and I've cried a lot or been close to tears a lot this last week. Hna Mercedes and Aguilar were both really nice, but kind of condescending, and kept butting in when I was trying to teach my part of the lesson - probably because it was taking me forever with my lack of Spanish. But they said really good things both times. Maybe the Spirit was directing them... I don't know. It's been hard. I feel like it's the first couple days all over again. But I'm praying a lot and I believe it will all work out. ''I give unto men weaknesses that they may be made strong''. I believe that's true, and I'm trying really hard to live according to it.

Story time!! One day for lunch the lady fed us fish! as in she plopped an entire fried fish in front of me! head and all!! And boy was it good!
And in the hospital, there was this one doctor who every time he came in he asked us a different question about the gospel. He was super catholic and was just curious, but his questions were interesting! for example, ''can a Mormon and a catholic get married?'' I was like ''uh... yeah... not in the temple but they can get married....'' He was shocked that it was possible. I'm not sure why... He also told us he didn't like tithing, and then launched into a huge explanation why that had something to do with China... I didn't understand. Hna G explained a bit though.
And my area must be really tame or something, or maybe it's just cuz it was Valentine's day, but I got whistled at a lot in the other Hna's area! And several guys offered me chocolate! I didn't take it though... it was kind of sketchy.

All in all it's been a crazy week. And it will be interesting to just be with Hna A. Hna Bennett has been a huge help this last week. I was so happy I got to be with her for awhile.
I love the mission. It's stinking hard.
Be good, say your prayers, and have fun in Hawaii mom and dad!!
Love you all,
Hermana Taylor
The mission conference on Saturday that I wasn't at! :)

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