Monday, February 10, 2014

{Week 9} Aculco - February 10, 2014

Hola Familia!!!!!
My area is called ---, and my ward is ---.  I live on a tiny street that I don't know the name of, but the main street it's right beside is ---. --- is another major street in my area. I go to --- a lot because that's where my stake building is and we meet our zone and district there. I'm about an hour by metro away from an area that is actually like city... sky scrapers and all that, but my area is pretty much all residential. I have our area pretty much memorized, which is good because my comp is always lost! Good thing we have maps! And most areas are a lot of regular block streets, but our area is filled with alleys and apartment buildings, and plazas. Lots of winding streets!!
(Note:  for missionary and investigator safety, I'll not be posting any locations besides the mission home address on the blog.  I won't post full names either.  Let me know if you want to know what goes in the blanks!!!)

As for Spanish... yeah. I can mostly understand what people are saying regarding churchy stuff, as in I can pick out enough to understand what they're talking about, but anything else I'm lost. My comp and I speak a mixture of Spanglish, but mostly Spanish, so I can understand her pretty well, but when necessary I just hand her my dictionary and she helps me out. It's fun though! I learn more everyday and people say I'm learning fast... It feels like forever to me, but whatever!

My companion has been getting worse. I'm worried about her. On Wednesday she woke up with an upset stomach, and had diarrhea and was vomiting all day. As a result, her body didn't absorb any of the hormone supplements she takes, she had really low blood pressure, was dizzy all the time, and basically just wasn't well. We taught in the morning, but then spent the afternoon at a medical clinic. To pass time we contacted everyone in the clinic. No one was interested, but a few were bored enough they were reading the pamphlets! The next day, Thursday, was weekly planning in the stake center with the district, so we went there in the morning, got back to our area in time to eat, then went and taught a contact we had met on the street. His name is Marcelo and I love him! He's 71 and is one of the sweetest old men. Anyway, my comp taught really well despite her pain. Immediately after, we returned to the medical clinic, then went home a couple hours early. She went to sleep and I studied. The next morning, she was doing really bad. We had to call the doctor, but didn't have any more money on our cell, so I helped her to cross a super busy street to a store where you can buy more minutes. She was literally leaning on me (side note - I was whistled at 3 times and smooched at while we waited to cross the street). There are two doctors. One is the church's general practitioner, and one is a hormone specialist. The specialist said to come to the hospital, but we had to wait for permission from the other doctor and then Pres Morales. While we waited, Hermana Sam, our landlady, and her friend were kind enough to drive us to the pharmacy for some medicine that was supposed to help, and along the way we taught the first lesson to her friend and she agreed to come to church Sunday!! On the way we got permission to go to the hospital, so Hna Sam drove us there, but first we stopped at the house to get clothes to last us for the day or two we'd be there. Then we went to the hospital!! Hna G was admitted, I signed a whole bunch of papers as her 'familiar responsible', and they showed us to a room and plugged an IV in her!! Then they told us she'd be there for a week!!!!!!! So from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, I sat in the hospital room with her. The first night I wouldn't leave her - because we're not supposed to leave our comps! so I only ate breakfast on Friday and she gave me a piece of bread from her supper. I wouldn't take more because she's sick and needed the food! The next morning I was starving though, so she taught me how to say 'where is the cafeteria' and 'where is room 607' - pretty easy but we practiced any way. Then I ran off to get food!! We expected me to be gone for about 10 min, but the cafeteria wouldn't let me take food back, so I ate there as fast as I could and then ran back. It had been about 30 min, and she was kind of freaking out. It was an adventure!! This is Saturday morning - the morning of the mission conference with a general authority that Hna G's choir has been practicing for. She was so sad she had to miss that. And we heard a rumor that the general authority was going to be Elder Oaks, so we were both really sad to miss that!! But then at 2, Pres Morales, Sis Morales and the Assistants came to the hospital, and we found out it was Elder Christianson of the 70, not Elder Oaks, so we were still sad we missed it but not as sad... and they showed us a recording of the choir - they were a bit off tune but it was pretty!! The EFY medley. They needed Hna G because she's a super strong soprano and has a great voice. Then Pres Morales gave me 500 pesos and sent me and sister Morales off to eat. That was actually the first question he asked when they got there ' Sister Taylor. Have you eaten?' He's great. He's really good about making sure we're ok, and speaks a little English - enough so that we can communicate. I got to chat with Hna Morales during our meal. She's really nice too. I love them both! Then they gave Hna G a blessing and left! Hermana G and I basically just studied and chatted and sang and slept in the hospital. And the mish pres gave me permission to leave the room to get food. But that night when I headed to the cafeteria, it was closed!! I guess I waited to long. And the next morning was Sunday, and we were told I'd leave with other sisters at 1:00 while a different sister took a turn with Hna G, so I didn't buy breakfast, figuring I could wait...They didn't get there till 6:00, so I was kind of starving! Hna Mercedez stayed with Hna G, while I left with Hermana Aguilara and Hermana Bennett!! Hermana Bennett is in a trio. We went to their area, where we ate tortillas with a member, then spent the night. And now it's PDay!! I spent the morning helping them wash their clothes and clean their house, then we finally went to my house to get clean clothes!!!! I needed them badly.... But we accidentally locked ourselves on the roof and had to hang out for 30 minutes until the landlady came home. And now we're writing! This evening I'll go back to the hospital, but this time I'm prepared with clean clothes! and I have extras for Hna G too. They had a really uncomfortable couch in her room that I was sleeping on - the first night I only had sweaters for blanket and pillow, but the second night they brought me bedding!! Yay!!

It's been a crazy week. We have 3 new investigators, but found out that none of them went to church on Sunday :( Hna G and I had some nice comp bonding time as she cried. She hates being unwell and really wants to be out doing the mission work. The rumor is that if she doesn't improve she'll be sent home. I think she probably will be headed home soon. I'm super sad about this, because I love her so much, but I have faith that everything happens for a reason, and it'll all be all right in the end. 'Have faith in good things to come' - Jeffery R. Holland. I love the mission. It's been a difficult week, and it's so hard to not be there to help our investigators, but I know we were companions for a reason. I love it here. The people are amazing and I've learned a lot. It's hard but it's good.

The kitchen looks great! And I got your letters that you sent on the 20th. And thank the Gates, the Quists, and G&G for the cards. I loved them all!!
The church is true!! I'm where I'm supposed to be.
I love you all! Be good, say your prayers, and have fun in Hawaii!!
-Hermana Taylor

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