Monday, March 3, 2014

{Week 12} Aculco - March 3, 2014

It's been an awesome week and a super busy P-day.  I have pretty much no time right now.  Sorry for the lame letter but I love you all!  I may or may not have time to write later tonight.  If not, you'll get a super long letter next week.  I love you all and thanks Chelle for finally sending pics!!  My new comp is named Hermana Cruz. That's all I know. We're going to do cambios pretty much right now. But I love you all and I finally got your hearts today which I loved. (I mailed that Jan. 17 - over 6 weeks for her to get a regular letter.)  And I got a letter from Danielle Jacklin!  Tell her thanks for me.  It's been a crazy week though... goodbyes to Hna G, we went to chapultapec (the zoo), went bowling, went on splits with a lady in our ward and her daughter twice, taught a bunch and contacted even more.  I've learned tons from Hna Aguilar and I'm sad to see her go.  I love you all!!!  The mission rocks!

Be good, say your prayers, and stuff!
Hermana Taylor

PS - Jordy and Jenna!!!! Happy Birthday!!! I love you both so much and tell everyone about you all.

PPS - I'd like my ipod shuffle back and speakers . . . It's the only thing I regeret sending home.
And more contacts would be amazing. I've started wearing them again and I didn't realize how much I love them and miss them.
And letters!!! I love letters and would love some more please if possible!!!

Bowling!!!  (thanks Hna Ingram for the photo!)

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