Monday, March 24, 2014

{Week 15} Aculco - March 24, 2014

First of all... Happy Birthday Richelle and Katia! I was thinking of you both on your special day and told lots of people it was my sister's cumpleanos. I cut the picture of our family out from the front of our calender. It's small so fits in my scriptures, and I love showing people my family!

To answer your questions mom, we lost Ana when we were in the hospital. She also got a new job and now works over an hour away until late at night. We phoned her a lot and set all sorts of appointments, but she never showed except once. She told us that she loves this church and thinks it is true, but doesn't have time right now to deal with it. It was really sad. We still text her every now and then, and keep trying to book citas, but she's so busy she still never shows :( I hope that one day she is able to learn more and be baptized, but I don't think it will be while I'm here.

I haven't seen the puppies in a while, but their mom is stinkin ugly, so I don't think they have much hope of being cuter. And we haven't been chased, but there are dogs everywhere. They all just kind of hang out on the street close to their respective houses. We've gotten to know a couple of the dogs because there are a few that are always in exactly the same spot. And the other day I saw my first dead dog here! It looked like it was walking and just fell down dead. The dogs here are actually really cool. There are a lot of fancy breeds like poodles and German shepherds and Afghanistan somethings. And about a billion chihuahuas. And tons of the dogs wear those little doggy outfits. The owners say it's cuz the dogs are cold, but personally I think they're going to die from heatstroke.
And it's never cold here anymore. It the morning I might wear a light sweater while studying, but that's the only time I need one. It has started to rain though. Random showers that come down hard. It's fun! We were in a lesson during one of them, and had both forgotten umbrellas or jackets, so the sister gave us each a huge plastic bag which we wore tent style over our heads and bags, and we went out like that. It was pretty ridiculous, and then we tried to contact a guy but he just laughed at us. It was pretty funny looking! At the next house the lady gave us each an umbrella. We get a ton of gifts here. People just randomly give us stuff. I've gotten an umbrella, a really ugly ring and necklace, a headband, perfume, random little trinkets... People are nice!
My favorite things about Mexico... Honestly I don't know! The food is good, the weather is nice, my ward is good, my district is great... I love it here!

Elders, Jesus and us.

And Jesus is amazing. He gave us a reference for a common law couple, Rosa and Paulino, and 5 minutes into our first lesson, they asked us when they could be baptized. They're getting married soon, and they have a baptismal date for April 6th, along with one of our other investigators, Armando. They're all wonderful and all came to church for the first time on Sunday. We currently have about 5 other investigators too, but they aren't really progressing. But seriously, the people here are great!

Our investigators and Jesus.

And the food... I like it. Every Sunday we eat with our landlady with the Elders too, and we all help to prepare the food. It's always a ton of fun and is probably my favorite food.

 The Elders, Hma Cruz, and Hna San all cooking in Hna Sans kitchen.

Our ward hasn't been giving us much support lately. They always cancel or forget our appointments, and nobody (except Jesus) has references for us. So we've been working with our obispo (bishop) and lider missional a lot lately, and things are starting to look up! We had 42 lessons last week - the mission goal is 55 every week. This was the most I've ever taught, so that was pretty awesome!!

And last Pday we went with our zone to this outdoor exercise place that had exercise equipment, tennis courts, soccer fields, a pool, and...Basketball courts! So I got to play basketball for the first time which was a ton of fun. But no one had told my comp and I what the activity was, just to wear normal clothes, so we were in jeans while everyone else was in shorts. Basketball in jeans in the boiling sun wasn't great... but it was fun to play! And I got sunburned! Personally I don't understand how since I'm in the sun for hours everyday, but got sunburned after only 2 hours. Either way, it was a good time.

And Spanish... is coming along. I understand a bit more everyday, but sometimes I feel like I should understand way more than I do. But I keep working and studying hard. My goal is to be able to understand and communicate almost everything by the time our new pres comes. And for General conference, all the Americans (and Canadians) get to watch in English - easier to receive revelation in your own language. But I don't know about the Women's conference... Anyways, I love it here and love you all.

Be good, say your prayers, and eat some lasagna for me! I miss pasta!
Love you,
-Hermana Taylor

We all decorate the covers of our agendas using pictures from the Liahona.

She sent us a picture of her ward boundaries, which I'm not including, (I couldn't read it anyway - all Spanish or something!) but this was her caption:
My ward. The pen separates the Elders area and ours. We have the fat side. I live where the orange peel is.

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