Monday, May 26, 2014

{Week 24} Polanco - May 26, 2014

So.... it happened again! It's cambio time, and Sunday night we got the phone call that I had cambios! We were positive that if anyone did it would be Hermana Bravo, because she's already got 4.5 months in the area, but nope! It was me! The cambios for all the Hermanas was this morning at 11 - my new comp is Hna Mercedes and is from the Dominican Republic! We were in the same district when I first got here. My new area is P 3, in the zone N. P is the ward, and we use the same chapel as my old area Par---, so I'll still see all the members from that ward on Sundays. N is the stake and the.... area? of Mexico City that I'm in. It's actually N------------, but the people here are smart and don't like saying that every time, so we call it N---. It's apparently not as dangerous, but I'm the first white sister here so we'll see!

But my biggest news is that on Sunday, we got a phone call from Hna Gutierrez! Turns out her sickness is extremely rare, and the closest doctor to Chile that knows about her sickness is here in Mexico City, so she came back to visit members and the doctor. We had plans to go to the mall together today, but then the cambios happened, so she just agreed to meet us at the chapel where the cambios were. We got there, and were waiting, and then I saw her walking across the parking lot and we ran and hugged! It was like a movie!  I was so happy to see her. We were both in tears. She's my Mom here in the mission, and it was great to see her.
Hna Gutierrez and I.

 But now to tell you what happened in Par--- for my last week there.

One day after the comida - food - Hna Bravo grabbed Hna Williams (we eat together) and they left to work in the other area! So Hna Zambrano and I went on impromptu divisions and worked in my area for the day. It was great - she works super hard and I learned tons.

On Saturday we helped the ward do a deep clean of the chapel - that was a lot of fun to do physical labour. I've missed doing stuff like that! Hna Bravo and I and a few others swept out the entire parking lot - reminded me of working with Dad :) And now the chapel looks great! The chapels are generally really dirty here.

And on Friday was the cumpleaƱos of Elder Avalos - the District Leader. So we all studied together in the chapel and ate pizza and gave him presents - minions because he's obsessed with them. That was a lot of fun.
Hna Bravo, Elder Avalos, and me, and the minions!

Everyone that was at the party! Bravo, Avalos, Elder Hammond behind Avalos (he's one of the ZL's) Elder Gutierrez - he was there on divisions with Hammond, Elder Ramos is sitting down, then me, Williams, and Zambrano!
And on Sunday there was a miracle! We had put a baptismal date during the week for one of our investigators - Rosio - for the 21st of June. But we've been teaching her for a month and she hadn't come to church. On Sunday morning we went to get her at 7:30, and for 15min she didn't answer our knocking, our shouts, our phone calls, or the the pebbles we threw at the window. But she finally came out, and of course had just woken up. She told us to go on ahead and she'd come later - but they always say that and never do. So we were sitting in Church, feeling down yet again no investigators, and I was just praying so hard that she'd come. And every time the door opened I would turn to see who it was. And then, 30 min late, the door opened and there she was! With her 3 kids! I was so happy! and she stayed the whole time and seemed to enjoy the classes. And I was talking with her later and she had read the chapter we gave her - 2 Nefi 31 - and was able to tell me all about it in pretty good detail! And she had been praying, and she wanted us to teach her kids too! Her sons are 11 and 13, and her daughter is 4. It honestly made my week to have her there and for her to be so interested. And then of course I have cambios :P but I'll see her on Sundays if she comes, so that's great!

And the other big news this week is that we contacted 88 people! Hna Bravo hates contacting, so I've been pushing this whole time to do it more, and we did, and had a miracle - an investigator in church. It really strengthened my testimony this week of the results that come when we work as hard as we can. I'm looking forward to working hard in this area - Hna Mercedes has 6 weeks more than me, and from what I can tell likes to work hard. And I don't know any of our investigators yet, but apparently we have several who are progressing and a few with fecha! (date - for baptism). Yay!

And that was super sweet what Sis Stutznegger said - I'm super excited to meet them! But I'll be sad to see Pres and Sis Morales leave - they helped me tons in the hospital, and I'll be sad to see them go. But changes are part of the mission! 3 areas and 6 comps in less than 6months have definitely taught me that!

I loved the pics of you all - last week I printed off several pictures because there was a place in our area that did that, so I've had fun showing everyone my beautiful family. I love you all tons! Next week I'll have a bunch of my new house and new comp.

The mission has been crazy so far. I haven't had a lot of success regarding baptisms, but I feel like I've learned a ton and have helped a lot of people in different ways. I know my testimony has been strengthened and it will only get stronger. I love the things I learn here - through the trials, the miracles, the discouragements and the uplifts. Heavenly Father really loves me. This I know to be true. I feel His love everyday when I'm tired and someone gives me a smile, or when no one gives us the time of day, and then we meet someone who is interested. Or when our investigators come to church! He loves us all, and helps us to learn and progress. It's different for everyone, but that's because He knows us best and knows what will help us most in the end.

I love it here. I love you all. Richelle, I love you tons and wish I could give you a hug and hold your new baby when he/she comes. Good luck! I'm praying for you!
Be good, say your prayers, and.... I don't know. Just be awesome. Love you all!

-Hermana Taylor

Me being adventurous and cooking pancakes in the closet on the ironing board :)

I wanted to send you this because I love the picture! Hna Bair (middle) was one of our teachers in the MTC, and she just sent it to us.

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