Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hermana T Becomes an Aunt

Hermana T became an Auntie for the first time on Saturday, May 31.  Since she's on a mission, she won't get to see her new little niece, Addison Rose, until she's just over a year old. 

Somehow Hermana Taylor got the nickname of Moose by her sisters.  She gave us a stuffed Moose for her first Christmas away from home (she was in the MTC) so we could remember her and have her sort-of present at family events.  So we took her to the hospital . . .

Hermana Moose giving big sister a hug.

Hermana Moose hugging Addison Rose.

Moose will help the real Hermana Moose see how big Addison is getting over the next year.

We didn't forget about you Hermana T.!!!!
We love you!!!

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