Monday, July 28, 2014

{Week 33} Polanco - July 28, 2014

I want... more shirts! Button up style but of a lighter material. And... more ketchup chips! And... that's all. I've gotten half my package from the Stutzneggers. I'm hoping to get the other half soon, because it has my shoes in it, and my brown crocs are so thin at certain spots that I don't think they'll last much longer. :)
About the soccer tournament - I got to play about 5min, before an elder subbed me out. Which was fine because I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing when it comes to soccer. And yes, my name is on my jersey, as well as the number 5 :)
Carlee, thanks so much for your email! I loved hearing about your adventures at trek. Sounds like a ton of fun.
The Town Celebrations sounded fun - and Addison is so cute!
This week... I can't remember what happened. Honestly the weeks are turning into blurs. We found several new investigators though, so I'll tell you a bit about them.

Kevin and Javiar are brothers, and Diego is their friend. They are 20, 18, and 18, and love to party and drink and smoke. But they also seem to love listening to us and always have a bunch of questions and they say that they want to get baptized and change their lives! They didn't come to church on Sunday, but Sunday evening we had a pretty powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon and how they need to read it and pray to know if it's true. We had brought with us a member that is about 22, and she shared her testimony about the BoM and how she used to smoke and drink and party but has changed her life, and it was pretty powerful and I think it will help them a lot. But the cool part is that we didn't know she used to party. We were just looking for an available member at the last minute, and we both thought, let's bring Crista! And her testimony turned out to be exactly what they needed. Miracles people, miracles.

And Blanca is about 45, and right now is super sick. She had a baptismal fecha for the 9th, but it looks like they're going to have to operate and she'll be in bed for awhile, so not sure what's going to happen there... I know she'll get baptized eventually, because she loves the gospel, it's just a question of when.

And awhile ago we contacted this girl in the street - Karen. She gave us an appointment, we taught her, and she told us she was already a member! Well we haven't been able to get a hold of her since then, because we were hoping to reactivate her, but the other day we found her again, taught her again, and realized that she wasn't actually a member. The missionaries had taught her before, but then she got baptized in a different church, so she was confused about which church she had been baptized in. So we've started teaching her, and she's super excited!

And Dulce is doing well - she loves the gospel and has a super strong testimony that it's true. The problem is her husband, and he keeps having to leave at the last moment so is never there for our lessons. We're not sure if he's avoiding us or what, but one of these days we'll get to talk to him again and we'll teach them about the law of chastity so they'll get married!

And Arnulfo. He's the only one that came to church, and he loved it. He only smoked once on Sunday because he was at church, then he fell asleep, then we came and distracted him... he's doing great! The only problem is that he says he already knows it's true because he trusts us, and doesn't want to pray about it. So yesterday we explained that 'we can't live on borrowed light' - everyone of us has to pray and receive our own testimony about whether or not these things are true. We told him that when he receives that testimony, it'll be a lot easier to quit smoking and drinking.

We have a few other investigators as well, but these are the ones that are progressing the most right now.

I honestly can hardly remember what else happened this week! A ton of our less actives are on vacations right now, so we haven't been able to meet with as many of them as we would have liked, but they should be getting back soon. And tonight we're going to a FHE (Noche do Hogar) with a member family, and they invited a family to come and learn about the gospel, so that's awesome!

On Saturday our ward mission leader and his wife made us all food and we all ate and chatted - an activity to help us build confidence with him and the ward missionaries. They made fritanga - it's like 4 types of meat cooked in a whole lot of grease, and then eaten with tortillas! (everything here is eaten with tortillas.) It was about the most greasiest thing I've eaten in my life and was really good. I didn't eat much though, because earlier that day someone gave us mole and I felt like throwing up. Mole tends to do that to me. I generally feel like throwing up for the next day or two.
Some of the people at the party: one of the ward missionaries, me, Hno R, Ezra, other member, Elders Martinez, Barcinas, Gerken, Duque, and Hno R's father-in-law. Those double doors behind us is the baptismal font.

Hna Mercedes dishing up some fritanga! The yellow shirt is Hno R - the ward mission leader, the beige shirt is his assistant Hno S (his grandson is Angel who we baptized) and the green shirt is Ezra, the son of Hno R who just got back from his mission to Honduras.

Fritanga and tortillas! The green stuff are nopales - a type of cactus they eat.

Me and Hermana Z. She's the ward mission leader's wife and is amazing. Her house is in the middle of our area, so we're always stopping there when we need the bathroom.

So yeah! Life's great, Mexico is awesome, I miss you all a bunch...
Hope you all have a marvellous week in good 'ol Canada!
Be good, say your prayers, and have fun laying sod! (the house and yard look great by the way)
-Love ya'll
Hermana Taylor

 I've been making a map of the story of The Book of Mormon as I've been reading it. It's not finished yet, but I thought I'd send it. It might be hard to read because it's in Spanish. (lol)
Les amo mucho! CuĂ­dense y que tengan una bonita semana!
(According to Google translate, this means:  I love them very much! Take care and have a nice week!)

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