Monday, July 7, 2014

{Week 30} Polanco - July 7, 2014

Once again it's cambio time! ....and I don't have cambios, and neither does Hna Mercedes! We're so happy we get to be comps for another cycle - I love her so much!

First of all, Dad :) Happy Birthday Dad!
I love you so much and hope you have a great day and get to eat your ribs at Tony Romas, and that you finally get a long board... I'm excited to see your awesome skills when I come home :) But seriously Dad, I love you so much. I am so grateful that you are my Dad. You've taught me tons and have always been a great example for me. Thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder. There are so many families here where the dad is less active or isn't a member, and Hna Mercedes' dad isn't a member and hardly ever writes her. I feel so grateful everyday that my dad is a faithful member, a worthy priesthood holder, and that you support me in everything. I never realized how blessed I am to have all my family be members of this church. I love you so much Dad. I hope you have a great birthday, and I can't wait to give you a huge hug when I get home. Love you!

And Logan! Happy Birthday on Wednesday! Hope it's a marvelous day filled with joy and happiness and cake.

So Monday night I got the package through Devin/Hannah. Thank you so much Devin and Hannah for getting that to me, and Mom, thanks for the package! I especially loved the ketchup chip crumbs. It was so fun to receive a package! Thanks! And I've now received the first half of the other package through the Stutzneggers - they tell me I'll get the other half when they unpack their boxes.
Me! I love being a Canadian in Mexico! Sometimes (like today in the grocery store) people will just randomly start asking me 'where are you from?' and 'how did you wind up here in N?' I love it because I get random unexpected chances to share my testimony and invite others to listen to us! Life as a missionary is the best!

So this has been a fun week!

Monday - Canada Day! I put on the umbrella hat and waved around the handkerchief to celebrate. Your celebration looks a bit more fun. Waterton looks so beautiful! I want to hike Summit when I get back - what do you think Dad? :)

My Canada day celebration! yay...

And then Tuesday, we had our first reunion with Presidente Stutznegger and Hna Stutznegger! It started at 4, but the assistants told us to be there at 3:30. But the zone leaders said be there at 3:15. But our District Leader said be there at 3. So of course everyone arrived at 2:45 - right after the comida. And we all chatted and speculated excitedly about what they would be like. Then we were all sitting in the chapel, and in walked Hna Stutznegger! And the first thing she said was 'Wow!' She told us later that the Spirit was so strong when she entered. Then came in Pres Stutznegger. And they took the time to go up and down the pews in the chapel and greet everyone of us and chat for a few seconds. (There were about 3 or 4 zones there). I was super happy to meet them both. They are going to be great. Then we started as normal, a hymn (the hymns are so powerful when a bunch of missionaries sing), a prayer, and we recited the mission scripture (Alma 17:2-3) and our missionary purpose (chapter 1 of PMG). Then they introduced themselves! Hna Stutznegger speaks nothing of Spanish, so Presidente translated for her. And it was so funny! They had us all laughing instantly. She would say something, then he would translate it, and she would look at him in bewilderment because she didn't understand. They are great and instantly endeared themselves to us. Then they let us ask some questions - one elder asked what they hoped from their missionary service, and Presidente Stutznegger instantly replied - Tacos! It was hilarious. But they also brought the Spirit strong when they bore their testimonies and told us that they expected us to obey with exactitude and love the people. It was great, and I know they will be wonderful as my new mission mom and dad.

Hermana Stutznegger and I!
President Stutznegger and I.

All the Hermanas and the Stutzneggers!

And Friday, we did an activity as a district. We set up a table in our area with pamphlets and Book of Mormons, and took turns manning the table and talking to everyone who passed by while the other companionships ran around the area contacting in the street and knocking doors. It was a ton of fun and we found two new investigators through it as well as a whole bunch of return appointments. So that's great!

My District and our table in the street - Gurken, Duque, Mercedes, me, Ingram, Bennet, Martinez, Bercenas

And I've been robbed! Well... that's a bit of an exaggeration. We were walking home one night with a plate of watermelon that someone gave us, which I was super excited to eat, when this little boy ran up behind us a stole the biggest piece! It's pretty dangerous here at night, what with all the watermelon thiefs running rampant.
Right now we have four investigators that we are focusing on - Gustavo, Antonio, Sergio and Rafael. But only Rafael came to church, and we haven't been able to get ahold of Antonio in awhile. But we keep working hard and striving to be exactly obedient! Today in our monthly zone meeting, one elder who is about to go home shared his testimony about not waiting, but doing all you can right now, and how we should work like everyday is our last day in the mission. I don't know about everyone else, but I feel re-motivated to go out and work super hard!

I love you all tons and can't wait to hear about the trek experience. Jordy and Carlee - you look great in your pioneer getup - I showed Hna Mercedes that picture and she thought it was so cool. They don't do trek in the Dominican Republic...

Be good, say your prayers, and give my dad a huge hug for me!
Love you all .)
-Hermana taylor
My Zone!

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