Monday, August 11, 2014

{Week 35} Polanco - August 11, 2014

To answer your questions...
Yes, we eat lots of cilantro. And my new favorite food is gorditas. That means fattys when it's translated, but they are so good! It's like a really fat tortilla, that is cut open like a pita pocket and stuffed with meat, cheese, onions, lettuce, chili (of course) and whatever else you feel like sticking in it! They are amazing and I love them. There is a street stand that sells them pretty cheap so Hna Mercedes and I like to stop by there on Mondays to buy some.
Helping a member cook - seafood and catsup and yumminess! This is called Cibichi (I think thats how you spell it) and we eat it on tostados (like taco chips).
The funniest thing that happened this week... most of the houses are one to two floors tall, and have many families living in them. So rather than knock on the front door, we throw pebbles up to the window of the family we want to talk to. And the other night, it was about 8:00, and we went to visit a less active family. And we were so tired, we couldn't get the pebbles up to the first floor window! Hna Mercedes tried about 3 times, and they kept bouncing of this tiny little ledge that was just below the window. The odds of hitting that tiny ledge 3 times in a row are pretty small, so it was hilarious when she did it three times, and we were dying laughing. So then I tried, and I hit the tiny ledge too! and I hit it two times! We had to sit down on the curb for a minute we were laughing so hard. Then finally we got the pebble up to the window. It was pretty funny... had to be there.

And it still rains just about everyday. The morning is usually stinkin hot, so I don't wear my sweater in the morning. And there are hardly any people in their houses in the morning in our area, so we usually are just walking around all morning in the sun looking for people to teach. But sometimes we can knock on every door in the street and only talk to 5 or 6 people in the morning. Then it generally cools down and rains around 3:00 - 4:00pm. Then it's just a nice temperature in the evening. And we have a billion people, investigators and less actives, that we can visit in the evening, so we're usually running around trying to get a bunch of lessons in to make up for the morning.

And my area is a lot safer, but there are still catcalls. There are three groups of drunks that are always in the same spot, and they always have something to say. Unfortunately we can't really avoid them because they are always in the main roads. And there are the random people who will drive or bike past us and yell things. And the other day, these two really drunk guys were funny, they were saying ''¡no llores guerra! ¡MaƱana puedes regresar a su paiz, pero para hoy quedate conmigo! ¡Nosotros los mexicanos te amo mucho! ¡No llores guerra!'' (Don't cry white girl! In the morning you can go back to your country, but for today just stay with me! Us Mexicans really love you! Don't cry white girl!) I wasn't crying, so not sure what they meant... but they were just so drunk it was funny.

The most beautiful thing I saw this week... a baptism! Not ours, but still really special. Yohan is 8 and lives across the street from the church. A few weeks ago they did an activity for the primary, and he snuck in. We were there to meet an investigator, and started talking to him. We found out he wasn't a member, but he's always watched the kids at the church out his window, and always wanted to come. He said he felt like those kids were different somehow. So we sent the Elders to his house since it was their area, and his parents gave him permission to be taught. And he got baptized yesterday! And the last two weeks his mom has started coming to church too. And the class in RS about 'eternal marriage' helped her decide that she wants to get married to her husband. And after her son's baptism, she decided she wanted to be baptized too! So because of this little 8 year old boy, a family is learning about the gospel! It's amazing! And Yohan is a really sweet boy - love him!
Us with Yohan and his mom, Osmara, right after the baptism.
As for what I saw that made me shake my head and think ''only in Mexico City!!'' .... the chapel is right on a bigger avenue, like Mayor M Drive only 10 times busier. And at night there is always a lineup of prostitutes right in front of the church. It's a bit awkward... And there is pornography EVERYWHERE. This city is very carnally minded.
This is our church building (and Hna Mercedes).

But on a brighter note! Adolfo came to church, and brought his 21 year old daughter! And they both really liked it. Adolfo is dead certain that this is the true church, and should be getting baptized the 24th! And we're going to start teaching his daughter this week. It's funny, because Hna Mercedes is always asking Adolfo how he feels about this or that, and he always says 'I feel good!' But he says it so calmly and matter-of-factly that she has trouble believing him, so she's always asking if he's sure. It's pretty funny.

And we had a great lesson with Alejandra about the Restoration, and at the end she just sat there holding the picture of the first vision and crying quietly. We asked her how she was feeling and she said 'really good. It would be amazing to see them like that'. Then she said the closing prayer and in it told her Heavenly Father that she feels like these things are true and she wants to get baptized. It was amazing! The spirit was so strong! But then she didn't come to church... Saturday night we went to visit her and she couldn't visit because she was 'having a fight with her husband' and then Sunday we went to get her to come to church and no one answered. We know her husband is very Catholic, so we're a bit worried... we're going to try to find her again tonight.

And the other day we knocked one door, and the lady let us come in! Her name is Guadelupe, and she told us she had been praying for help all day, and then we knocked on her door! She didn't go into details, but she has a problem in her life right now that's really worrying her. But she loved our message, the only problem is she's scared to get baptized because what if she messes up afterwards? So we talked with her a while about that. We also taught her kids! She has 4 - Alejandra (12), Karla (10), Andrea (8), and Benjamin (4). And they are probably the best behaved kids I've met in Mexico. They sat there and listened to us and answered questions! Love this little family. The Dad was working, but we have an appointment for later on this week to teach the whole family. They didn't come to church, but that's because they left on vacation! Seriously! Everyone is leaving on vacation right now! But they're great and we have some high hopes for them.

And the other week there was a Young Women activity where they were sewing. I stole (with permission) some of the scraps, and used them to make an agenda cover! I worked on it 15 minutes every night for a couple days, and I love it!
My agenda cover! It says ''Venid a Cristo''
And I was wondering if ya'll could send me your favorite scripture and why :) por favor!

So... yeah! Mexico is great! Investigators are progressing, and the Spirit is strong!
Love you all tons - be good, say your prayers, and go hiking for me! Those Waterton pictures make me want to hike something!
Love you people!
-Hermana Taylor

Us with some of my favorite kids. Natalia is almost 8, Luis is almost 9, and Jared is 3. They live in a tiny house on the roof of another house. Love them all!

And Jenna... just wanted to mention.... On Sundays we almost always eat with the Family M, whose oldest son is 13, with two daughters - 11 and 9. And on Sunday I showed them all the pictures of my family, and the 13year old son asked me a question about you, and then his sisters were teasing him through the whole meal that he had a crush on you. It was pretty funny!
Les amo muchisimo!

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