Monday, August 18, 2014

{Week 36} Polanco - August 18, 2014

Thank you so much everyone for your favourite scriptures! I loved them all :)
I have a ton to write about today and not a lot of time to do it...
Me at the Mexico City Temple.

First of all: on Tuesday we went to the temple! Ana Maria who recently got baptized has been wanting to go with us for forever, so we went on Tuesday. We happened to mention to Adolfo that we were going, and when we went to the church to meet up, there he was waiting for us! So he came along, and they both loved it. Ana Maria cried through the whole tour at the visitor's center, and Adolfo didn't cry, but was pretty emotional too. The Spirit was strong and they didn't want to leave! It was great! And Adolfo should be getting baptized Sunday! He's doing great, and keeps telling us how happy he feels. On Sunday when he came to church, he brought his tithing and got us to help him fill out the forms! He's great!
Visitors' Center! With Ana Maria, her daughter, and Adolfo.

And we didn't have cambios! So that means we'll be together for another 6 weeks. We're super happy about that, and are looking forward to working hard and helping a lot of people!

Hermana Mercedes and I at the Visitors' Center.

Note:  I asked Hna Taylor if she got a microwave this week because I had seen this picture posted on Facebook by Hna Stutznegger.  Hna S. said that missionary apartments are allowed microwaves and this mission had none.  So 92 microwaves arrived last week.  Her response was . . .
We did get microwaves! That was pretty much awesome :)
Microondas! Microwaves!

On Saturday, we found a new family to teach - Ismael and Louisa and they have 10 kids! So we taught the parents because the kids weren't around, and Ismael showed us his tattoo of Jesus on his arm...  The lesson was good and they liked it, and they have some really interesting comments about everything. Then on Sunday, they came to church and brought one of their daughters! They work in the Tiangies, so we didn't think they were going to make it, and we really didn't expect to see them, but then they came! We had 6 investigators in church!

Mary and Yocelin - they are our crazy and super stressful miracle. Hna Gurley and Lopez have the area next to mine, and were teaching these two sisters - 15 and 16 years. And they were supposed to get baptized on Sunday, but they still don't have permission from their aunt and uncle (they live with them).  And on Wednesday the stake president found out they were going to get baptized in a different ward, and made them give us the girls. So now we're trying to help them gain a stronger testimony of the gospel (because they never prayed about it before!) and we're working to baptize them this Saturday. Hope it works out! They need your prayers! They're great girls that have a had a lot of problems in their life but they do love the gospel.

And last night we did an activity with our ward - it was training them to be fellowshippers, but we called it FHE so more would come. And we had a great group, felt the spirit, got them excited, and a bunch gave us references at the end! And then we took a ton of group photos. It was great!
Me with a group of people from the ward...

Me with another group of people from the ward....

Me with a family that I love from my ward... recent converts of 3 monthsish.

Me with even more people from my ward...

 The 6 missionaries from my ward with the family M. They are amazing! Love them!

And... today we had permisison to got to Teotihuacan! The pyramids! That's why I barely have time to write (I'm typing at superman speed right now). It took a long time to get there and a long time to get back, but it was super cool and a great view!
The Pyramid of the Sun - there was a row of shops leading up to it with people vending their real fake merchandise. Pretty cool stuff! but pricey....

Selfie of me almost at the top.

Me on top of the Pyramid of the Sun - the Pyramid of the Moon is in the back. My comp was too tired after the sun, so we didn't get to climb the moon.

Climbing down.  Hna Bennett and Hna Mercedes on the stairs... and Hna Ingram in the top right.

Pyramid of the Sun


Anyways, love you all and hope you have a great week! And in case you were wondering, my favorite scripture is found... in the Scriptures! Right now I have so many I don't think I could choose just one!

Be good, say your prayers, share the gospel.
Love you!
-Hna Taylor

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