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{Week 49} Polanco - November 17, 2014

First of all, to answer your questions...

During changes I wasn't there. Normally only those who have changes go to the meeting... so we weren't there. We did stop by before the meeting started because Hna Luque had a package for her family that she sent with an Elder from Peru that finished his mission, so we were there for a bit but left before the meeting started. That's why I wasn't in the pictures lol. We were tempted to hang out to see what happened, but we had appointments and had to leave.
Before the meeting.  (Photo credit to Hna Stutznegger)

Janae is going to Japan! That is so cool! Hna Luque just about fell off her chair when she found out. Janae is going to be an amazing missionary!

I have not received any of the packages you mentioned... but maybe tonight I'll get them. We'll see.

Carlee, I am so proud of you! Sounds like you did a great job on the question panel. You rock kid!
And Jordy, you're amazing. You made me cry reading about your VB games - I couldn't help but remember when they cut you from the team in grades 7 and 8, and now look! You're a superstar! I'm seriously so proud of you for never giving up. You're honestly one of my heros. Love you!

So my new house is nice! We have to wash our clothes by hand up on the roof, but at least in this house we have a place to hang the clothes up to dry. In our last house we didn't have that, and had to drape our wet clothes over our bed posts and chairs and stuff like that. And we finally bought gas today. You have to buy it in a big tank, and they come and connect it. We were always too lazy, busy, or whatever to buy it before, and were content with showering from a bucket. And then in my last house it didn't help that we didn't know which of all the tanks of gas was ours, so we couldn't replace it even if we wanted to. But the other day Hna Luque and I had a nice heart-to-heart in which we decided that we're tired of showering with a bucket and we went and bought gas. They tried to rip us off by selling us a tank that was half full, but our lovely landlady came to our rescue and sent them running and called another gas company to come bring us gas. We have to be careful because people here are always trying to rip us off - especially the taxis and moto taxis.
Our front room.

Kitchen (I'm hoping that's a fridge under the counter)

Front room and kitchen.


Bedroom.  My bed is the blue one.

So cambios! Elder Hixen from my MTC district is now my district leader, and Elder Gerken and Martinez left... and no one came to replace them! So our ward that had 6 missionaries now only has 4, and we had to split their area so, my area just doubled in size! It's almost like I had changes because I have a new house and a whole new area to work in! And we also inherited two new investigators with the new area that are progressing nicely. We were visiting one of them (Susana - 18yr old) who lives in the same house but different apartment that Elders Gerken and Martinez lived in. We were teaching her when we saw Elder Evans and his comp Elder Choc, and Elder Hixen and his comp Elder Garret, walk in the apartment building to clean out the house of the elders that left. We all laughed at the coincidence and then just continued teaching Susana. And as we were sharing our testimonies about the Book of Mormon, we started to notice that something really stunk, but we ignored it and kept teaching. Then, just as we were about to put the baptism date with Susana, Hna Luque looked down and shouted, my backpack! We all looked down and realized that as we had been teaching, the bathroom had flooded and spilled into the living room, and the whole house was filled with stinky nasty poop water. Luckily my bag was in my lap and not on the ground lol. So we ran out, and realized that it was because the Elders who were upstairs had flushed the toilet - And Elder Gerken and Elder Martinez when they lived there had been flushing the toilet paper down the toilet (you can't flush TP here - it clogs all the drains.) So the four elders came running down and we all helped clean all the poop water out of the house of Susana and her family. Needless to say, her mom and dad weren't too impressed. And the landlady was furious, chewing out the four elders when it wasn't even their fault. It was a mess lol! But... we were able to chat a bit with the mom and dad and Susana while we were all cleaning and we were all best friends by the time we finished so... we'll see what happens lol!

And then later that same day we had contacted a lady in the street, and she let us come in her spa to teach her. So we sitting there in her empty waiting room teaching her about the restoration, when we heard a voice that sounded a lot like Elder Evans. Then we realized it was in English, so we knew it was Elder Evans. And then he and his comp walked by - and saw us through the glass door. So they knocked, and came in and sat beside us! It turns out they had written down wrong the address of the house where they were going to eat, and we just happened to be at that address. So they came in expecting to be fed, and we thought they just didn't have anything to do, and by coincidence found us and decided to teach with us. So we kept on teaching the Restoration. And as we were teaching, they realized that this was an investigator not the members house, but couldn't leave and had to wait till we taught the whole restoration. It was pretty funny when we talked about it after and realized what had happened lol!

So we had a lot of miracles this week - we found some new people to teach, had a ton of people with baptismal dates, lots of investigators progressing... and then no one came to church. So that was unfortunate, and a bit upsetting, but it just means we're going to work even harder this week to help the people progress and come to church. We did have one investigator in church... but it was crazy how it happened. The other day when we were visiting a family we talked with the nephew who was there for about 2 min and made an appointment to visit with him on Tuesday. But on Sunday morning when we went to find the family, they weren't there but he was. So Hna Luque invited him to come. He looked at his watch, shrugged, and said ''Sure, why not! I don't have anything to do right now.'' So he came to church with us! And said he liked it, and we'll be visiting with him on Tuesday! His name is David and is 18.

This Sunday was Stake Conference. It was really cool, because they did a broadcast from Salt Lake. We had 2 Seventies speak, Sister Linda S. Reeves speak, and the Apostle Elder Anderson! They all spoke in Spanish - the Seventies actually knew it, and Sister Reeves and Elder Anderson knew bits and the rest they read. It was really good and everyone loved it. I especially loved Elder Anderson's talk - he spoke about sacrifice and giving up something good for something better. Loved it!

Stake Conference with Hna Gurley (photo credit to Hna Stutznegger)
So.... yeah! It was a fun week! and Elder Peiper from the seventy is coming to visit this week - there is going to be a mission conference. I'll be in the choir.

We've been seeing a lot of miracles lately. The Lord is so good to us - His tender mercies are evident every day. I know that He loves us and that he takes care of us. The scriptures are amazing, the church is true. Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and through him the Lord has restored his church to the earth. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God , and that the 12 truly are Apostles of God. It's all true people, He knows us and loves us and cares for us.

Be good, say your prayers, and always follow Him.
Love you all!
-Hermana Taylor :)
Three of my favorite missionaries in the world! Our areas are across the street from each other (Gurley and Mercedes are together right now). We all went out to eat together.
Gustavo's house right now - it's filled with piƱatas for Christmas!

Garbage truck in Mexico City (photo credit to Hna Stutznegger)

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