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{Week 50} Polanco - November 24, 2014

Dad, I'm proud of you. Keep up the missionary work!

Jordy and Carlee, I am so proud of you both! That's amazing - first zones and now provincials. You're amazing!

Mom, the next cambios should be the 23rd of December... but there is a rumor that they are going to change that cambio to the 16th of December so that people aren't in a new area 2 days before Christmas. I'm kind of torn... I REALLY want to be here for Christmas, but at the same time if I don't have cambios in December I'll be here till February - that's half of my mission in one area. But I REALLY hope I'm here for Christmas.

Today Hna Luque and I went sightseeing! We rode the metro for an hour to downtown, where all the old cathedrals and buildings are. It was pretty cool! We had a fun time wandering around downtown. We saw some cool stuff!

So! Elder Pieper of the 70 came to visit! We had a really great meeting with him, his wife and President and Hermana Stutznegger. I loved it and the spirit was super strong. We learned a ton of things - one thing that I really loved was how he taught us about the Priesthood. I feel like I understand the Priesthood now in a way that I never did before - and that will help a lot when we teach investigators about the Priesthood. And there were a ton of other things we learned that I loved, and that Hna Luque and I are trying to apply to our teaching. It was great. And I was in the choir - we sang ''Press Forward Saints''. It wasn't perfect, but the spirit was strong so that's what counts. And then they gave us mashed potatoes and ham when we finished! So good... And then when they ended, they announced the names of 10 missionaries that got to have interviews with Elder Pieper... and I was one of them! So I got to be interviewed by a 70! It was pretty cool - he gave me some good advice about forgetting myself in the work of the Lord and doing everything I can to help others come closer to Christ.
Mashed potatoes and ham!

(Thanks Hna Stutznegger for these photos!)

Then on Saturday, our ward went to the temple so we got to go too - I love going to the temple. The Visitors Center is really great - they have this video they show that teaches about the family and always makes me cry. Since Christmas is so close I've kind of been missing you all just a bit. And then seeing that video made me miss you a ton for about 5 min. But then as we were walking out of the Visitor's Center, I saw one of the members here - Hermana Maldonado. She's pretty much my mom here - always taking care of us. I love her tons and she gave me a hug and helped me feel better. I'm super excited to talk to you all for Christmas. I'm not really sure how it's going to be - if it's the 24th or the 25th and what time. But I can't wait to talk to you all!
Hna Maldonado and us outside the visitor's center
Us and Hna Maldonado's daughter - she made me the red skirt I'm wearing.

So we have tons of investigators, but I wanted to tell you about 3 of them in particular:
-Guadelupe is the lady that we were teaching when the Elder's showed up looking for their dinner appointment. She is a massage therapist and has a spa which is where we go to teach her. I honestly love her, and she adores us (lol). She always does her reading, and loves everything we teach her. She came to church this Sunday and LOVED it. She was telling all the members that she'd see them next Sunday in church. The only problem... she's not married, and her husband does NOT want to get married. They could definitely use some prayers.
-Josefina is the landlady for one of our members. Ever since I arrived here, this member has been trying to get us an appointment with Josefina - but she always came up with some excuse for why she couldn't be there. About 2 weeks ago she finally came to a FHE with us and the member - and since that moment she has loved everything we teach her. She also came to church on Sunday, and also loved it. Afterwards, we showed her the baptismal font, and she looked at it for a moment, then said ''One of these days I'll be there.'' Then she gave us huge hugs and thanked us for coming into her life and teaching her. She has a baptismal date scheduled for the 21st of December (which is another reason why I REALLY don't want cambios - so I can be here for her baptism).
-Reyna is the mom of Susana. Susana has been super busy this week and we haven't been able to get a hold of her. But we've started teaching her mom. Saturday night, she broke down and started crying, and told us the story of her life. She told us about how she used to be super Catholic, and how she grew up with an alcoholic dad who would come home always drunk and beat them. She told us that when she got married, she was the happiest she'd ever been, but how her husband started drinking and is alcoholic too, and would always come home super drunk. He didn't beat her, but it's been super hard. She's about 40, and told us that when she reached the age of 30, she came to the conclusion that God doesn't exist. She is an amazing women who tries super hard to be a good person and help everyone, but she now doesn't believe in God. She told us that in that very moment, her husband was probably out drinking, because he was already 2 hours late. She was crying, and she looked at us, and asked ''Where is God? Why does He give me so many trials when I've tried my whole life to be good? I've asked him in 2 thousand different ways to help, but things just always get worse.'' My heart broke for her when she asked that. We cried with her, and shared the story of Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail, and D&C 121. And she read the words and just cried. We pleaded with her to trust in God again, and shared our testimonies about the love God has for us. And she said she'd try. She and her family need lots of prayers too.

We're all so special to God. He honestly loves us - everyone of us. We pass through things that are really hard sometimes, but I KNOW that this is part of His plan for us, and that it's by following Him and putting our trust in Him especially in the hardest times that will help us to have peace and happiness. He really does love us. Prov 3:5 ''Put your trust in the Lord and lean not unto your own understanding.'' It's hard sometimes, but I know that it's the truth.

Sunday was the Primary Presentation. I think that's part of the reason why Guadelupe and Josefina liked it so much. It was super sweet to see all the Primary kids sharing scriptures and singing their hearts out. So cute!
Sunday lunch, with a bunch of members that I love, and the Elders.

Us with the members in the house of Hna Maldonado.
It's almost Christmas! I love Christmas :) It'll be interesting to see how they do it here. The rumour is that they eat a lot of mole.... yay... :P

But anyway it's been a fun week! Showers with hot water and not a bucket are divine. I loved meeting Elder Pieper. Downtown is pretty sweet. Investigators need prayers. Hna Luque is my favorite companion in the whole world. Mexico Rocks!

Oh and I forgot to mention - when I was in the MTC and we went to Vegas for our visas, there was a sister from Calgary that went to Vegas with me and is serving in the North mission. When I went to the temple, she was there and we saw each other again. We think the next time we see each other is when we're on the plane headed home... how crazy is that?!

But anyway, I love Mexico. I love serving the Lord. And I love all of you. Be good, say your prayers, and... and yeah! Say your prayers! And please remember my investigators in your prayers. Mosiah 27:14

Love you all!
-Hermana Taylor
Some more pictures of downtown . . .

Note:  Just after she got her call to Mexico, we saw the Mexican flag somewhere.  I wondered why there was a bird and a snake on the flag and she rattled off the bird/snake story to me.  I said, "How did you know that?" and she replied "Oh, it was just something we learned back in grade 4 or something."  And I'm thinking "Who remembers anything they learned in grade 4?" lol  I guess the Mexican story made an impression on her!  And I can't remember the story and she told it to me last year!

Note:  See these maroon and gold taxis?  Apparently all taxis have to look the same and they're all getting a new paint job soon to the new look - pink and white!

The new look for Taxi's in Mexico City.  (Photo credit to Hna Stutznegger)

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