Monday, December 8, 2014

{Week 52} Polanco - December 8, 2014

Dad, thanks so much for your letter. I loved it so much. Thanks for your advice - it always helps a lot. Coming up on the one year mark and knowing that I only have 6 months left as a full time missionary is shocking - I can't believe how fast it's gone.

I loved the Christmas Devotional. I especially love the music - Christmas music is amazing, and it's the only part that's in English lol. We've been singing Christmas music in all of our lessons these days, and I love hearing it and singing it. And Hna Luque and I have started Christmas carol contacting! We knock on doors and then sing a Christmas hymn! And as we're singing the whole family comes running to listen to us, and then afterwards they almost always give us another appointment. That's been tons of fun - and a few people have almost cried as we sing to them. There was only one sour old lady that slammed the door on us while we were singing lol.

And tell Randi ''¡Felicidades!'' for me. That makes me so happy!
And I can't wait to meet Addison! She sounds adorable!
And good job with the basketball girls! You make me want to shoot some hoops!
Still no mail... those packages that you sent haven't arrived yet.  (Note: there are 5 things we know of on their way to her, some back from August and September, even letters from the Activity Day girls and Young Women, and a more recent one mailed from in Mexico . . . )

Skype! I'm planning to do it on the 25th. What time of the day do you want to do it? We won't really be doing anything that day, so as far as I know any hour is fine. We haven't found a place to do it yet, but we'll work on that this week. And then of course it's possible that I have cambios! (I hope not...) But I'm looking forward to it!

We went on divisions this week. Hna Cardenas came here with me, and Hna Luque returned to her old ward for a day. It was fun and we learned some good stuff. Hna Cardenas is one of my favorite hermanas - she is so sweet and just has a lot of love for everyone. I enjoyed being her comp for a day.

We went to visit Gustavo the other day. He let us in and told us not to mind the balloons because they were from a birthday party from the other day. Then we sat down and said the opening prayer. Then as soon as we finished, the lights went off and the birthday music started and Gustavo's whole family came in singing their version of Happy Birthday. They threw me a surprise birthday party! And apparently Hna Luque was in on it lol. It was so sweet - they apologized for being almost 2 months late lol. It was super sweet of them. I love them all, and although Gustavo's family hasn't wanted to listen to us (yet!) they are super special people for me, and I love them all tons.
The birthday party - Gustavo, the kids are his nieces and nephews, the girls are his cousins, and his mom is by me. I love them all!

My cakes - somehow they figured out my name and they put it on one of the cakes lol.

So Josefina is progressing really well - but a few trials have come into her life that are making it hard for her. But so far she's been putting her trust in the Lord, and He's helping her to keep going. Although, she almost didn't come to church on Sunday. She called us early, and told us she wouldn't be able to come, but we talked her into it. And then 5 min before it started, she called again and said she wouldn't be coming again. So we talked to her, testifying about how coming to church would help her overcome all these trials, and she agreed to come. She was 20 minutes late, but came just in time to hear all the testimonies - and the stake president's wife bore a powerful testimony about how the Lord helps us overcome our trials. She was crying and Josefina was crying, and at the end, she thanked us for being so stubborn and making her come because ''vale la pena'' - it was worth it.

We had a really good week - worked super hard and had more lessons than I've ever had my whole mission. But then only Josefina came to church. And if the investigators don't come to church, they can't progress. And then there are a ton of new members, less actives, and even actives that sometimes decide to work Sunday because they have lots of economic problems. But I know that when we put our trust in the Lord and dedicate Sunday to Him, we receive such great blessings. And the moment that we disobey we lose all the blessing that He has promised us. I never really understood until my mission the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy, but I know that when we keep this commandment, the Lord helps us in all aspects of our lives. So keep the Sabbath day holy! But like really dedicate this day to the Lord - no movies (unless they're church ones), no music (unless it's hymns) and no computer (unless you're indexing or writing me a letter lol).

I love Mexico. I love Spanish. I love my comp and I love all the people I'm meeting here. It's fun to be a missionary. Sometimes super hard and frustrating, but lots of fun. And the spirit is always strong.

Hope you all have a lovely week. Be good. Say your prayers. And have a snowball fight for me! It's so strange to see Christmas lights and Christmas trees and hear Christmas music... but not see any snow! Enjoy it for me!

Love you lots -
Hna Taylor

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