Monday, December 1, 2014

{Week 51} Polanco - December 1, 2014

This has been a pretty good week - a few tears and a few laughs and lots of miracles.
I want a picture of Jordyn in the dress!
I'll try to have the university stuff for next Monday
Still no mail...
And I was wondering if you could send me a picture of our house at night with the Christmas lights on?
And Jordy and Carlee, I'm so proud of you both. I know that you'd both make great missionaries (hint, hint...)

I can't believe it's December! The nights are getting really cold, and there have been a few days that have been chilly, but the weather has actually been really nice. Like today it's beautiful outside. They tell us though that it's not normal to have such beautiful weather still... supposedly it should be chilly all day everyday. Everyone always teases me when it's cold and they see me in my coat, saying ''you're from Canada, this is nothing for you!'' but I guess I've gotten used to the heat because I get cold!

So sadly, we went to visit Guadelupe on Wednesday (her birthday) and as soon as she let us in we could tell something was wrong. She told us that she loves listening to us and reading The Book of Mormon and that she loved going to church... but that her husband has now forbidden her from listening to us and coming to church. It was really sad. We all cried. But we left her with The Book of Mormon, and an open invitation to come to church. And her fellowshipper is doing her best to pass by every week to keep being her friend. It was sad, but I know that one day she'll make it.

And then on Thursday (American Thanksgiving) all the sisters in the mission went to the president's house for Thanksgiving dinner! That was a ton of fun. Their house is huge and gorgeous... and very formal like you're in a church... but really pretty. And it was so fun to help make mashed potatoes and turkey and ham. And it was delicious! That was the best turkey I've ever had! Then they gave us flu shots (it was all a trick - they invited us to eat turkey just so they could inject us - mwahahaha) that was funny. A few girls cried. Then we all just sat and sang while we waited for the combi to come pick us up! It was a ton of fun to be with all the sisters and the president and his wife for Thanksgiving. At one point I actually got really homesick - every once in awhile I've missed you all, but this was the most homesick I've been in my whole mission - it was when we went around the table and everyone said what they were grateful for... I instantly thought of you guys. I had just barely been helping make mashed potatoes and it was something so normal - because life here is very different - and doing something so normal made me remember all of you, and miss ya'll a ton! When I'm working my mind is always focused on my investigators and where we're going to go next and who we're going to talk to next that I never have time to miss you guys. But a normal day, with mashed potatoes and 19 other hermanas, made me miss you all a lot. But I got over that and enjoyed my day. It was a fun time. I loved it!
Celebrating American Thanksgiving in Mexico City.

Preparing potatoes!

Hna's Mercedes and Luque admiring the mashed potatoes - Williams is in the background.

Hna Bennett and President Stutznegger!

Me with the Stutzneggers.

The Hermana's at the Stutznegger's house.

Look at that lovely food!

A few of the hermanas - with Hna Luque acting natural!

The combi ride.
More of us in the combi.

We haven't been able to find Reyna again, she's never there. But Josefina is progressing really well. We went to visit her the other day, and she told us that she wants to get baptized. She said by praying and reading and coming to church, she knows it's true and want to get baptized. She came to church again Sunday, and is loving everything. And we've started teaching her 17 year old daughter Diana too.

We worked hard this week and saw some miracles. There is one family that has been less active forever except for the dad, because the mom is alcoholic. She now hasn't had a drop in a month and they've come to church every week for about 2 months now. And her son that never wanted anything to do with the church has now done a 180 and wants to be baptized - he lives in another ward though. And they've cleaned up their house that has been cluttered forever, and they've put a big picture of the temple and are very focused in their goal to go there one day to be sealed as a family. I love this family, and am so excited to see them start progressing like this. Miracles!

And there is another less active who also hasn't come forever. The other day she finally opened up and told us what's stopping her from coming to church. We had planned to teach her about keeping the Sabbath day holy, but we both felt like it wasn't right. We were just sitting there in silence all looking at each other. Then I asked her why she doesn't come to church. We had asked before, but she had always given some excuse. This time she didn't answer right away. We all sat in silence for literally like 5 minutes until she finally opened up and told us. We ended up having a great lesson on repentance and the spirit was strong. We were all crying. It's been great to see these people that I care about so much start progressing like this. Miracles!

We found tons of new investigators this week. None came to church. That's a little frustrating but we'll just keep working hard.

Sadly, Edgar started smoking again. So to help, we copied what Elder Tyler Hansen did and made him his own special pack of cigarettes. Each one is a scripture and every time he wants to smoke he has to read the scripture then decide if he's going to smoke.
Edgar's smokes. We made the box and everything.

And I just wanted to ask a special favor... that you could send a couple extra prayers our way that we'll be safe. It gets darker a lot earlier now, and we don't know the new half of our area very well, and we feel like the guys in the street talk to us a lot more these days... I know that the Lord protects us but a few extra prayers would be welcomed. Thanks!

And I just wanted to mention my loverly companion Hna Luque. She is marvellous and we laugh so much. We're best of friends and it makes us just a little bit sad that we live on opposite sides of the world...

But yeah! I think that's all!
It's been lovely talking to you all again. Hope you have a great week! Nos vemos lunes!
Be good, say your prayers, and have a snowball fight for me!
-love Hna Taylor
We found this lovely craft in the Stutznegger's house...

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