Monday, February 23, 2015

{Week 63} Oriental - February 23, 2015

So this has been a pretty good week! We're working hard and seeing lots of good stuff happening. Hermana Ramirez has now finished 1/4 of her training - and she is doing great! She's a hard worker with a lot of faith. She's studying a lot to have the doctrine all down (she's a fairly recent convert of 3 years, so there are a few things she's still learning) and I love her! She has now learned how to walk fast lol.

So this week we started teaching Katherine and Jaqueline - the sisters of Michelle. They are 14 and 16 respectively. At the start, they really didn't want anything to do with us. But one day all of a sudden they wanted to listen! Turns out that in just the two weeks that we've been teaching Michelle, they've seen a huge change in her. And they realized it was because she was listening to us and planning to get baptized on March 15th. So now they are also listening and both want to get baptized! They have a few challenges but they have a ton of faith and a desire to be better, and they LOVE church, which is so great to see.

And we've also started teaching a mom and her two daughters - Alma is the mom and her daughters are Lizbeth (15) and Alejandra (13). We found them on Friday. They're pretty Catholic, but are willing to learn more. The mom said that she'll give it a try, and if she feels like it's true, she's willing to get baptized. Saturday night we called them to make sure they were coming to church, but they didn't answer. Then Sunday morning they didn't answer either. We were on our way to their house Sunday morning to bring them to church with us, when the mom called and said ''Are you still coming to get us? because we're ready and waiting...'' That made us super happy! So they came to church and they liked it. There are two wards meeting in our building (the stake center) so the other ward has their sacrament meeting first, and we have the classes first. We were in the middle of the second class when Alma leaned over to me and whispered ''When do we go to Mass?'' It was funny and I explained to her that we call that part 'Sacrament Meeting' and that it was last.

And Paquita and Rodolfo went to the temple in Veracruz on Wednesday with the ward! They loved it and were able to do the baptisms for several members of their family. They took a ton of pictures which they showed to us afterwards. I am so grateful that we have temples here and that we have this great chance to do the work for our loved ones.

We're enjoying living with Hna Cardenas and Hna Gurley. It's always a party here. And Hna Gurley is hilarious like always - her greatest wish is to return to one of her old wards to finish her mission there, and she is constantly trying to figure out how the cambios will be so that she can finish her mission there. We're all fairly certain though that she's going to train and finish her mission right where she is lol. Last Monday night Hna Gurley made a tent in the middle of our house, and we all climbed in and shared stories late into the night (10:30ish lol).

What a lovely tent!

All of us in the tent that Hna Gurley built.

And yesterday we went to visit Nicolee and Gabi - we knew that Gabi was feeling pretty bad because she didn't come to church that day. She's completely deaf in one ear and can barely hear in her other ear. They've been members for about 6 months, and Gabi was feeling like she couldn't see a point in going to church, because she can't hear anything. And when she woke up on Sunday she couldn't hear anything at all and was super dizzy and was throwing up a ton. So she didn't come to church. We were all crying while we were there - Gabi, her mom, Nicolee, and us. So I shared a few scriptures that have always helped me, like Moroni 7:33, D&C 122 and D&C 58:2-4. We testified about how our Heavenly Father has a divine plan for us, and if we have to pass through trials, they are what will help us to become worthy to obtain eternal life. The spirit was really strong. Then, we talked about learning sign language! It's very possible that in a few years she could completely lose her hearing, so there should be someone in the ward who knows sign language and can translate the stuff for her. So we've decided to start learning together - bit by bit. And we have several people in the ward that are willing to learn too. I already know the alphabet, but it changes in Spanish. so we're going to work on that.

It's been a good week! And we're going to keep working! I love this area and the people here, and we're learning tons!
Love you all! Be good, say your prayers, and have a lovely day!
-Hermana Taylor

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