Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{Week 60} Polanco - February 2, 2015

Thank you so much for all the letters! I got a ton and I love hearing from you all! Now to answer all the questions you asked me...

The first time they fed us mole, I ate it all. And every time since then I eat just a bit less - I eat until I know that I'll vomit on the next bite and then I tell the member that I'm full. The people here are always offering food. In almost every house that we visit they offer to feed us. We generally say no because we came here to preach, not eat, but some of the people do get offended when we say no. But if we say yes then we'll be eating about 8 times a day and we'd honestly be wasting time. And sometimes they don't take no for an answer, and they'll serve us a plate of tacos anyway. That almost always happens when we're fasting. Then we have to refuse the food and then they get offended... and then we have to tell them we're fasting so that they don't feel bad, and then we feel bad because fasting should be a secret and we shouldn't be telling people... it's a struggle lol. And if they offer you seconds and you say no, they think you didn't like the food, so we almost always take seconds...

Jordyn, I know you'll get the art award. You're amazing!
Basketball! Carlee and Jennafer, you two are my heroes. It makes me so happy that you're loving the game, and that you're playing tons. Keep up the good work!
Carlee, I haven't the foggiest idea what ''bae'' means.
Richelle, your Christmas card hasn't arrived yet.

I know for sure that my new comp will be Spanish speaking. There are only four sisters coming, and 3 are from Mexico and 1 from Guatemala. Thanks for the training advice dad. I'm going to just work as hard as I can and love her, and I know everything will be great. And I'll try not to walk too fast for her. Remember how I told you that last week we went on divisions? Well Cynthia, the girl I went with, told me yesterday that she got blisters from walking so fast and so much with me, but she didn't want to tell me in the moment. She struggled through huge blisters as I dragged her from one end of the area to the other walking super speed! She's amazing! So I'll try to watch that with my new comp. And I have changes - we'll be opening an area. I know for sure that I'll be headed back to my first zone O--, but I'm not sure what area I'll be in yet. We'll find out tomorrow!
Cynthia and Me - she's going to be a great missionary!

And Addison! Richelle, you have no idea how happy it made me to hear from you and see the pictures and videos of your beautiful baby. It made me cry from happiness. You look like an amazing mom, and I can see how much you love your baby. I can't wait to meet her. I love hearing about her.

So these last few days I've been saying goodbye to everyone - taking lots of pictures and shedding just a few tears. It's crazy to think that many of these people I'll never see again. I'm for sure going to come visit, but it'll be impossible to see them all. This is the first time I've had a chance to say goodbye - my last changes were really sudden and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to anyone. So I'm enjoying this chance to say goodbye to P- - I was here for 9 months. There are some people I've met here that I will remember forever - it's been so amazing to see the faith of the people in action. I love them all so much. Thanks for those cards you sent me mom, they've come in really handy. This morning we went to have breakfast with the Maldonado Family - my favorite family here. Hermana Maldonado just cried and cried as we hugged and said goodbye. I love them so much. And it's been hard to say goodbye to Adolfo, Edgar, Ana Maria, Gustavo, and Josefina. I love them all tons and it's been amazing to see them progress in the gospel and develop so much faith. Ana Maria finished the Book of Mormon the other day, and is now reading the New Testament. Josefina is preparing to go do baptisms for the dead for her dad and her sister. Gustavo should be getting the priesthood next week. Edgar hasn't smoked in ages and bought himself a suit the other day for church (before he always came in jeans). And Adolfo is preaching the gospel to the whole world - another of his friends was just baptized Sunday by Elders Evans and Chok. It's been amazing. I love them all so much. And Sunday, 15 of the less actives that we teach came to church. That also made me super happy - several of them shared their testimonies with me and told me with real conviction that they came back to stay. I love the gospel so much. It has been amazing to see the changes that people make in their lives when they feel the Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel. Often when Hna Luque and I see miracles or someone feeling the Spirit and truly repenting and changing, we will look at each other and say ''the gospel is perfect''. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. I love this chance I'm having to be a full time missionary and dedicate every moment to serving him.

Me with the Familia Maldonado

Ana Maria and I. I love her so much!

And I'm going to miss Hna Luque. Every now and then we'll be walking down the street just laughing. We're trying to figure out how we're going to see each other again - it'll be hard since she lives in the South pole and I live in the north pole lol. She keeps looking at me and saying ''I don't want you to go'' and then we cry. I've learned tons from her - especially how to truly love the people. She has such a love for everyone.

I only have 3 cycles left! That's 4.5 months! I honestly can't believe how fast it's flying by...

Hope you all have a great week. Ustedes son maravillosas y siempre estoy jactando de ustedes a todos. Trust in the Lord and be obedient. I love you all
Be good, say your prayers, and say your family prayers too. Prayer is so powerful and I know that our Padre Celestial hears us and answers us. You should all watch the Mormon Message ''Heavenly Father, Earthly Father'' (something like that) it's amazing.

I love you!
-Hermana Taylor

I got a hole in my shoe... but they lasted me about 7 months!

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