Monday, March 30, 2015

{Week 68} Oriental - March 30, 2015

Hi family! It rained this week. We got wet. And the cheap flats I bought at Walmart don't last as long in the rain as the Crocs do...

They said there was an earthquake, but no one felt anything...

Jordy, congrats, sounds like it was a fun two weeks!

This has been a pretty good week! We didn't find any new people to teach, which kind of stinks, but we received several great referrals, and this week we have appointments with all of them.

And Raul is doing so great! He is progressing a ton - He came to see a baptism on Saturday and walked around telling everyone that he was going to get baptized too on the 25th of April and that they were all invited. He's so sweet! And yesterday he told us he was down to three smokes a day. He smoked a ton before so that's a huge improvement. He told us that the other night he couldn't sleep, so he started reading the Book of Mormon and praying - and he said he started to feel so happy that he started to cry! He told us that had never happened to him before, that he had never felt like this before. We testified to him that that was the spirit bearing witness of the truth. He's so great!

And no one knew at what time the Women's Broadcast was - half the people said 6:00, and the other half said 7:00. So we went to the church at 6:00 (and we were dripping wet because it was raining) and no one was there! There was a Primary activity in the cultural center, so there were lots of people there, but there wasn't any sign of a Women's Broadcast. Finally we found someone in the stake that helped us set up the broadcast, but as usual there were a few technical problems, so we finally started watching it at 6:45 - we missed the first half! And there were only about 30 people there in total - and five were men. and six were missionaries. But it was still really nice to see. I love the choir when they sang ''Love at Home''. It reminded me of all the Sunday's when we would have our family gatherings and grampa would always start singing it and we'd all join in. I loved it!

And we're super excited for General Conference! It turns out we're not going to work Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, because Easter week for the Catholics can get a bit crazy... we're only allowed to leave the house for the conference. I'm so excited for conference! We've been sharing messages with everyone about the conference to get them all excited to come. I'm excited!

And Nicolee is the sweetest girl that exists on the face of the planet, and I love her and her mom, but her mom is getting down because she can't hear anything in the church, and feels like there is no point in her going. Nicolee is super faithful though - comes to all the activities and stuff. And Nicolee came to church yesterday, but her mom didn't. And the tough part for us, is we can only see her mom on Sunday because she works all week, and yesterday we didn't get the chance to visit her. They could use a lot of prayers.

And now we're off to Polanco! We got permission to go visit my old area. So we're headed there right now. I love you all tons and hope you all have a great week. I'll talk to you next week!
Be good, say your prayers, and enjoy conference!

-Hermana Taylor

(These pictures courtesy of Hna Stutznegger from yesterday.)

Well something must have been funny!

President Stutznegger, Hna Taylor and Hna Ramirez.

And . . . she sent us her flight itinerary today!  We'll be picking her up at the airport at 4:59pm on Wednesday, June 10.  And, as she said, "AHHHHHHHHH!"

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