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{Week 69} Polanco - April 6, 2015

Hi family!

Katia, you look like the best Spiderman ever!
I'm looking into how to bring mole home... apparently it's one of those things that is illegal to take across the border!

So Wednesday night, I was sitting calmly in my house when the President called! And he asked me to be the new Sister Training Leader! That made me super nervous but I accepted. Then he told me that there would be some changes! He wants the Sister Training Leaders to be comps, so Hna Ingram is my new companion. Then the only question was if she was going to come to O-- with me, or if I'd return to P--.  He said we could make that decision. For me, there was never any doubt. I knew the moment he told me, that I'd be going back to P--. And praying about it only confirmed my feelings. So I'm back in P--! And I'll be here for my last 2 months! I'm going to have eleven months in total here! Hijoles! I was pretty sad to leave Hna Ramirez. She's so sweet - Hna Luque is now with her until she finishes her mission in three weeks. And I loved living with Hna Gurley and Llaguarima - we had a blast the four of us living there. And I'm going to miss the area. When Raul found out, he just about cried. He called me about six times to say goodbye. I was only there two months, but I was sad to say goodbye to Paquita and Rodolfo, Jessy, Nicolee and Gabi, and a ton of other families. This morning the president came and picked me up and took me to P--, so now I'm here with Hna Ingram! My first American companion since the MTC!

 Hna Ingram, President, Me, Hna Luque

I loved Conference! I watched the Saturday afternoon session in English, but the other three I watched in Spanish. I could feel the spirit strong and it helped me a lot to hear all the testimonies of the Prophets about the Savior. Sunday morning, before conference, I read all the part in Jesus the Christ about His betrayal, the trial, the crucifixion and the resurrection. I went in our room to read it alone, and the sun was shining through the window and it was so beautiful. I felt the spirit really strongly, and again when the prophets spoke about Christ. I know that He is our Savior and our Redeemer, and is literally helping us in every moment. I loved it! I also really loved the talk when he said ''I can teach you the dance, but it's up to you to hear the music''. He was talking about teaching our children, but I applied it to those investigators. And Elder Bednar's talk was super special for me too. And Raul came to all of the sessions and loved it too! I also broke the news about the changes to all the members there, and took a ton of pictures! Love conference weekend!

Jessy and Nicolee - two of my favorite people ever!

So on Monday I went to P-- to visit! How ironic that a week later I'm back here to work. Everyone is doing great. Adolfo is getting the Melquesidec Priesthood next week. Gustavo just got the Aaronic Priesthood and will bless the sacrament on Sunday. Edger and Lorena are still going strong. Josefina and Ana Maria both are excited to enter in the temple some day. And I saw the familia Maldonado - Isabel is going on her mission to Querataro Mexico and leaves in a week. It was so great to see them all - and now I'm BACK! I thought that was funny....

And this week was Semana Santa (Holy Week) so the Catholics have a huge party. They crucify a guy in Iztapalapa ( a part of of the city) and everybody is partying and there is no school for two weeks... so we didn't find a ton of people in their houses (everybody goes on vacation) but we still found three new people! And one of them (five minutes into the lesson) said ''I would like to be baptized.'' Another we knocked on her door and she let us pass right in (that doesn't happen a lot here) and told us that she had a lot of confidence in us from the moment that she met us. They're great, and hopefully they progress! I won't be there to see it.

And Raul is amazing. We went to the temple on Wednesday and he loved it. It was so funny because his fellowshipper came too - Hno A.  And the sister missionaries there showed us a video about the Word of Wisdom because he's still working on that. The video was about a girl who does judo and she talked a lot about the importance of taking care of our bodies. And Hno A (the member) said ''I didn't really like this video. Judo is very violent. You could get hurt doing that. That's not taking care of your body. It would be better if we did simple sports that don't include so much danger.'' The poor sister missionary! She had to explain that in Martial Arts there is a ton of discipline and stuff like that. It was hilarious! Raul made me promise to come to his baptism on the 25th. So keep praying for him, because he's great!

Raul and us after the conference. He's the funniest person ever!

And Friday we couldn't work or leave the house... so we played Hockey! haha  Hna Gurley made some hockey sticks out of the broom sticks and she and I fought it out for awhile. Haha  I won. It's in the Canadian blood. And we watched some church movies, we chatted, we ate spaghetti... it was a fun day! I really enjoyed having four of us in the house - a lot more stuff to do with more people there! And we talked a lot... about a lot of different things. It was good bonding time. :)

This was the outdoor gym at my last house...

They surprised me last night with a going away cake. Love them! Hna GurleyHna Ramirez, Hna Llaguarima

So yeah! Some crazy changes, but all is well! I'm excited to get to work and give all I've got. I love being a missionary. I know that this is His work and He is the one directing it. We're just instruments in His hands. I loved the chance to attend conference. What a blessing to be able to listen to the words of the prophets every six months. They are truly men called of God, and I know that when we follow them, we are following God. Haha and I loved it when Pres Uchtdorf started speaking German lol.

I love you all tons. I hope you all have a great week. Be good say your prayers and read your scriptures!
-Hermana Taylor

My old district leader Elder Moreno and Elder Keyes  - the Canadian from Calgary.

The view from my last roof top.

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