Friday, January 3, 2014

{Week 4} MTC - January 3, 2014

My visa came! I'm headed to Vegas on Monday with Hermana Bennet to go pick ours up!! I'm so excited to go on a plane!!! Our bus leaves at 4:30 AM to Salt Lake, then we fly to Vegas at 8:30. Supposedly we won't get back until late, and they gave us each $10 for food. Hermana Gurley said "That's a lot of money!!! You could get a smoothie and a sandwich for that!!!" It was really funny. But I'm super excited!!

And I forgot to mention this previously, but the temple has been closed since we got here. It opens on the 6th though, so next P-day we'll get to go. That's why there aren't any pictures there...yet.
For New Years, I got a package from the Andersons with 4 small Martinellis, some New Year's Hats, some leis, and candy!!
We counted down to midnight (actually it was 10:00... lights go out at 10:30), and toasted the New Year. We didn't have a sleepover, but it was fun. Thank you Anderson family!!! You're all amazing!!!
The Hermanas in my District.
And when we entered the classroom New year's day, the elders threw confetti at us and blew horns and flickered the lights and yelled happy new year!! It scared us, but it was awesome. I love my district.
The Elders in my District.
Our teacher Hermano Hardy is being transferred to a new district that's arriving on Wednesday, so Tomorrow is our last class with him, and yesterday was the last time Hermana Gurley and I got to teach "Mateo". We taught him about Jose Smith, el Libro de Mormon, and the Doctrine of Christ, and then committed him to baptism!! It was a super spiritual experience. There was a lot jammed into that 25 min lesson, but the spirit was strong and Hermana Gurley and I both felt really good about. Mateo still has some things we wanted to work through, and I wish we could meet with him again. It's kind of really sad to say goodbye to him.
It's also super sad to sad goodbye to Hermano Hardy. He is 23, and is one of the most spiritual and amazing people I've ever met. And he's got a dry sense of humor that cracks us all up. He's really good at motivating us to be better. The old district joked that he was one of the three Nephites. Since Sabado is his last day, he has given us a challenge to study 3Nephi 27 harder, and with more dilligence then we've ever studied anything. He gave us a few questions to ponder, and promised us that as we studied and prayed with faith, we'ed receive answers. The plan is discuss the Chapter on Saturday. He also said that if we didn't put all our effort into this, we wouldn't discuss it. We all want the spiritual experience though, so this morning during personal study, we were all studying that chapter, and it was the best personal study I've ever had. Everyone was completely silent, and the Spirit was so strong in the room. I have never been so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He loves us so much!!! To suffer, not just for our sins and weaknesses, but all our pains, and sorrows, and infirmities... I am filled with such an overwhelming desire to not let this amazing gift He has given us go to waste, and to help others come to use it too. The Atonement is a miracle, and I am so grateful for my Savior, and the opportunidad I have to share that message with others.
My companion and I also taught Hermano Eaton "Jacob" yesterday. We invited him to be baptized too. The Spirit was also super strong in that lesson, but he said he needed to think. He said he knew it was important, but would need to think about it. We teach him again on Monday... except I'll be in Vegas... so maybe we'll teach him a different day? Don't know!!
I asked my district about the HOV lane/carpool lane, and they were surprised to hear that we didn't really have those in Canada. I told them we might in super big cities like Toronto, but I'd never seen them. So then, I was feeling a little devious, so I explained that we do have a lane along all our roads just for dog sleds... and they believed me! They were freaking out and though it was the coolest thing they'd ever heard of. It was pretty funny when I came clean.
Spanish!!! I love spanish. It is like the best language ever. We were the investigators for another class, where they split some companionships so they had a native and a not-so-native teaching, and I understood almost everything the native said!!! She talked so fast - it was crazy. And because it was gospel I did all right. I feel like I could chat for hours with someone about the gospel in Espanol, but when it come to everyday life (not very well, but we could get the point across lol) but when it comes to everyday life I'm lost!! I spend all my study time trying to understand conjugations and grammar and learn vocab that I can use to help my investigators, so I don't get much everyday studying done. I've started taking the last 15min of my study time though to learn words that will help me in that area. And my companion is always a big help.
Hermana Gurley. I absolutely love her. She is such a caring individual!! And she is soooo helpfull with my Spanish. And she's got a great southern accent. She's awesome.
And we have a new district, made of just 5 Hermanas!! and one is going to Calgary!!! They're all super sweet and we love them :) we now have one more sister than elders in our zone!!
I'm glad Mackenzie's arm isn't broken. That would be sad. Tell her I love her so much!!
I love you all so much!!! I hope I didn't forget anything.... so much stuff happens here it can be really difficult to remember it all. I bring my journal with me when I write you, but even that doesn't have everything.
The MTC is amazing. There is a spirit here that is so strong. Everyone you meet is doing their best to be like Christ. But as much as I love it here, I can't wait to go to Mexico!!
Love you all. Be good. Say your prayers. I'll see you later :)
-Hermana Taylor
My name tag!!!

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