Monday, June 30, 2014

{Week 29} Polanco - June 30, 2014

First: Tell Katia and Mackenzie that 'Glasses' in Español is 'Lentes'. Goodness you made me laugh over that one!

Second: Addison is just so cute! I loved the pics of the baby blessing. You're all adorable.
Third: Jordy and Carls, thanks tons for your letters. I love hearing from you all. You both make me laugh. Have a ton of fun at trek!

So this week started out great! Tuesday we found a family of 4 to teach, and then Wednesday we found 2 more investigators and placed 3 baptismal dates! All our investigators were excited and looking forward to coming to church and getting baptized... or so we thought. Because since then, it seems like half of them have fallen off the face of the earth because they are NEVER at home (or just won't answer), and they gave us false phone numbers so we can't get a hold of them. Then the mom of the family of 4 decided she hates religion and won't let us in the house and won't give permission for us to teach her 3 kids or baptize them, which is really sad because they still want to but we can't do anything without permission from their mom. The last few days in the week we worked super hard and contacted un buen de personas, and searched out a bunch of references... but as of right now we still haven't found anyone. So we didn't have any investigators in church again, and we are currently investigatorless! (is that a word?)

So... our Zone Leaders decided that after two weeks of not a lot of success, we needed some counsel, so Sunday afternoon they had us come to the Stake Center (15 min away by combi) so they could help us... but we ended up waiting until almost 7 to talk to them because they were really busy taking the weekly reports from all the district leaders. Then they talked with us and gave us some good counsel - like pray more, study more, and fast more (which was funny because we fasted 3 times last week) and have faith! So Hna Mercedes and I have made a few goals to help us do this, and we're going to keep working hard and having faith!

But yeah! Our area is tough but we're working hard - and I know that in the Lord's timing we'll find those people who are waiting and prepared to receive His gospel! I'm learning a lot about faith in the mission. And patience. And diligence. And humbleness. It's a good thing. I love Doctrina y Convenios. It talks a lot about missionary work and I'm learning a lot while reading it.

And Presidente Stutznegger arrives today! We're all super excited to meet him and his wife and find out what changes will be happening in the mission.

So we were knocking doors the other day, and this guy who was really drunk answered and said 'quien busca? - who are you looking for?', and he was really nice about it, saying he'd go get whoever we wanted to talk to, so we started to explain 'we're missionaries....' And he went crazy! Started cursing at us and yelling - it looked like he wanted to hit us - 'cept he was so drunk he probably would have just missed and fallen over. So we speed walked away while he continued to yell after us. He tried to chase us but was so drunk he ended up just plopping down on the sidewalk and continued to shout... it was kind of funny. Thankfully I don't understand Spanish curses so I had no idea what he was saying. And Hna Mercedes only understood a bit because there are a lot of words different in the Dominican Republic. So we just left and continued on with our day!

And the food here is SOOO good. I love Mexican food. Just saying. There is this one thing they do - elote. It's corn on a cob that they put on a stick, then cover it in mayonnaise and cheese! Then, because it's Mexico, they put chili powder on it, but I prefer it without chili. It's really good! They put chili on everything here. Popsicles, fruit, you name it. Sometimes it's good - I love the salsa on rice, beans, tortillas, chicken... but not so great on popsicles and suckers. I'm not a huge fan of chili with my fruit either.

And Mexico lost in the World Cup on Sunday. It was funny, because they played at 10, and our sacrament meeting is at 10:30, so we were really worried that not a lot of people would come because they'd be to busy cheering for Mexico. Turned out not to be to much of a problem - almost all the members still came, as well as several less active. But the elders ended up not having a few investigators because of the game. We ended up loosing. Oh well. We were hoping they'd win so we could see how the people here would party.

Presidente Morales just sent us all a really nice email expressing his love for us, and his hopes that we'll continue to work hard. He was a great president, and I'll miss him. He knows the scriptures really well and was always pulling out scriptures to help us. I'm really grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from him.

I don't have many pictures this week - Just some of us in the house of a member. They dye eggs and stuff them with confetti then sell them to the states, so their house is always FILLED with cartons of eggs and it smells really strange - a mix of egg and dye. And their hands are permanently red or green or purple. So here's a lovely pic of me playing in the confetti!

Life is good. Difficult and a little stressful, but good. And this week we are going to work even harder and find some people to teach!

Love you all! Be good, say your prayers, and try eating elote!
¡Cuidese mucho!

-Hna Taylor

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