Monday, January 5, 2015

{Week 56} Polanco - January 5, 2015

Our church was at 10:30, but this year we go to church at 8! That means that we leave the house at 7:15 to give us time to pass by for all the investigators! (The majority of them didn't answer/were sleeping on Sunday.)

I have very little time, because once again, we got permission to go to the pyramids! Teotihuacan! They are super cool, and this time was a lot better. We went with Hna Ingram and her comp Santos.

The last time I went we took so long to get there that when we arrived we only had time to climb the Pyramid of the Sun and then we had to go. This time we left super early (7:30) and took a more direct route. We got there around 10, and first went to the Pyramids of Quetzacoatl - the feathered serpent. While there, we ran into 4 missionaries from the north mission (they know Sonntag and Gilbert and Koahler from the MTC) and they were being guided by a member of the church who was giving them the normal tour, but comparing all of it to the Book of Mormon - so we joined in and loved it! He explained that the church has archeoligos that came and studied, and they and some seventies came up with a few conclusiones and that's where he based everything he told us. They believe that the Jaredites built Teotihuacan, but it was actually known as the city of Moron. And the pyramids are the remains of their temple - one giant outdoor temple. And then later, the Lamanites found it and that's when they did the human sacrifices there. And then the Aztecs arrived later and continued on with the human sacrifice tradition. And it was so cool how he explained it! The Pyramid of the Sun is apparently where they did the sealings, and the Pyramid of Quetzocoatl is where the Holy of Holies was. And all the little ruins that they thought were houses are actually the ordinance rooms of the temple. It was the coolest thing ever and completely changed my perspective of the place. He finished the whole thing with a clever reminder that we shouldn't think about it now, but that we need to get married after the mission. It was fun and we all enjoyed it a ton.
With our tour guide.

Then we climbed the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon - and they were both really cool too. Then we bargained a bit with the vendors there and bought some souveniers! That was fun - I bought a ring for 100 pesos - originally it was at 200 so I got him to drop the price a ton! We had a blast!

New Years we had to return to the house at 6, and we couldn't leave. On the first we could leave but only for the food. We slept, studied, chatted... lots of fun!

AND!!! Edgar is progressing really well... and he's got a girlfriend! Lorena is his girlfriend and is a member and is the president of the primary, and is helping him a ton. So that makes us happy :)

And did I ever mention that I got bitten by a dog? The good thing is that it was Pday so I was in jeans - but I almost never wear jeans on Pday. But for some reason I did this time and so when the dog bit my calf, he couldn't really get through my jeans! So I just had a tiny bit of a scratch and a drop or two of blood rather than a mangled calf. It was a member's dog.

I love you all a ton. Sorry that once again it's a shorter letter... but it was a good day and we enjoyed it a ton! Be good, say your prayers, and eat some mashed potatoes and gravy for me!

Love, Hna Taylor

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