Monday, January 26, 2015

{Week 59} Polanco - January 26, 2015

Hi Family!

That's really sad about Teina - she was always super positive on our basketball team and was always really supportive and helpful. It's sad she's gone, but if there is one thing I have learned here it's that the Plan of Salvation is real, and that we really will see and be with our loved ones after this life. I've always believed it, but I've gained such a testimony of God's plan for us - I know that He loves us and really does have a plan for us. And if we put our trust in Him and do as He asks, everything will be okay.  Alma 40:12

Dad, thanks for working so hard for us. I'm always praying for you all and that you'll all be safe. I honestly don't miss you all that much...only on Monday :)

I've still got a cough... they tell me that the sun and the cold make me worse... so I'm pretty much hooped because I'm in the street all day long and in the morning and night it's chilly and in the afternoon it is super hot with a ton of sun! The other problem is that the houses here are cold - no heating. A lot of the time it's colder inside than outside. And sleeping all night in the cold doesn't really help...

The craziest thing I've eaten... we ate some pig tongues the other day. It was good, but... weird lol. And I've also eaten champulinas (I think that's what they're called). They're basically roasted crickets... yum... They taste like salty chips, but I really don't like the texture of cricket legs and bodies in my mouth... nasty.

I still don't have a sombrero, but I'm working on that. I also really want to buy one of those twirly skirts that they dance with here :) But I haven't got a clue where I could find one of those.

And as for changes... those will be next week, and I will be training a greenie! So that means I'll be having changes for sure.... the only question is if I'll be training here in P-- or if I'll open an area with my greenie. If I stay in P-- to train, I'll have ONE YEAR in this area! Who knows! But ''I'll go where He wants me to go!'' I'm excited :) and just a little bit nervous!

So this was another rather difficult week... we taught Antonio, but he's pretty Catholic... we'll see what happens. And we found one girl - Adriana. She's another friend of Adolfo. And she's great - a single mom of 2 kids and she loved our message. And then on Sunday after church, we went on splits with two girls from our ward who are preparing for the mission, and we found 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS! The only problem, is that they're all super busy this week (work, vacations, children's events... etc.) So it's going to be a bit difficult to visit them all this week... but we'll work on that! I went with Cynthia and we found: Leopoldo is a 70ish year old doctor that talks a lot and reads more. He's pretty thrilled about the Book of Mormon and is planning to read it all! Marisa is 46 and Carlos is her 24 year old son. They are both super excited to be learning about the Restoration and told us ''We're going to work on this - we want to know if it's true''. And Marta and her 10 year old daughter Jimena are the other ones we found. I haven't met them yet because Hna Luque found them with Isabel, but she says that they're great. So yay! Miracles!

I'm going to miss Hna Luque. She's been amazing to work with. I've learned lots from her - she has such a love for everyone and has this way of seeing the best in everybody. I love her! She's my best friend from Argentina :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Good luck with your exams girls! My prayers are with you :)
Be good, say your prayers, and read your scriptures!

love - Hermana Taylor

We had a ward bonfire in our church parking lot. Nobody here knows what a S'more is and they had already cooked the hotdogs instead of roasting them over the fire. lol Too funny.

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