Monday, January 19, 2015

{Week 58} Polanco - January 19, 2015

So I have good news! The mail works! I finally got that Christmas advent calender that you sent me. It's beautiful! I love it :) It got here a bit late, but whatever!  (It was sent Sept. 22)

Jordy, thanks for your letter! Picture this... you and me in our new house together eating popcorn! lol And I have to tell you! YOU ARE AMAZING! When I saw that picture you did, I just about cried it was so beautiful. Can't wait to see the real thing! And Luque thinks it's amazing too. And she studied art and says that you are amazing. Actually she said ''¡su hermana es una genia!''

The picture Jordyn drew in Art class.

So you wanted to know how hard my mission is physically... at the beginning of my mission I was completely exhausted all the time. But now I've gotten used to it. I'm not nearly as tired now at the end of the day. The only days I feel really tired are the days when no one's home and we walk in the street all day. My area right now is really long and skinny. It's a rectangle - 3 blocks by 40 blocks. So we're walking from one end to the other all day long. And we've learned to walk really fast - I think I always walked fast, but here we're practically running lol. Sometimes when members come with us and walk at a normal speed they get left in the dust. So then we try to walk slow to accommodate, but we feel like we're being lazy or something when we walk slow!

The other day, we were singing a hymn (''El fin se acerca'') with a less active family. I don't remember what it's called in English, but it talks about how the end is near and we have to be prepared - and it's a faster song. We were about halfway through, when Hna Luque accidentally tried to change the melody - she forgot what hymn we were singing or something. It was only for a split second that she did it, but it sent both of us into peals of laughter! We were laughing so hard we were crying! It was so funny! Finally we calmed down and tried to start singing again, but three words into the song we busted up again. The family didn't get the joke but just laughed along with us.

And we had interviews! That was fun - interviews are always fun. I love President and Hermana Stutznegger - they are amazing and have helped us all so much! We can all feel the love that they have for us. Hermana Lopez went home. That made me sad, but it's ok. And several months ago, Elder Gilbert from the MTC (he's serving in the North mission) went home too. So that's two from my MTC district that went home. But when we went to the pyramids a couple weeks ago, one of the elders that we met there is also from the North mission and was one of Elder Gilbert's companions, and he told me that Elder Gilbert will be coming back on the mission in March. So that's awesome!

And on Sunday we went to temple with a couple recent converts in our area - Elders Gerken and Martinez baptized them, but they're in our area now, so we went to the temple and they loved it! And they brought the grandma, who is VERY Catholic, but she liked it too, and we could see that she felt the spirit. We've been trying to teach her, but her schedule hasn't given us a chance yet.

No one came to church on Sunday... and we had to drop almost everyone due to different circumstances. So that's sad, but we're working hard at finding new people right now. Elder Evans and I teach English classes every Friday, and we've been handing out flyers to all our contacts so that they'll come, and one of them actually did and then gave us an appointment! We haven't taught him yet, but we have an appointment this week with Antonio. And we just keep contacting a lot and looking for references. And we'll continue to do so!

Honestly, it's been a harder week... not a lot of people accepted us this week. But sometimes that happens and all we can do is work as hard as we can and have faith that there are people out there waiting for us. I know that there are, we just haven't found them yet.

I love you all tons. I'm loving every minute of my time here. I'm learning lots. I've still got a long way to go, but I've never felt so strongly the Lord's love, or seen so many tender mercies in my life. I know Christ lives, I know He loves us, and I know that He will always help us. Alma 26:12
Be good, say your prayers, and put your trust in the Lord.

With lots of love,
-Hermana Taylor

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