Monday, June 16, 2014

{Week 27} Polanco - June 16, 2014

First of all, to answer your question mom... yes we are hand washing our clothes in this area. We do it in our kitchen sink - and we do it in cold water because it would take way to long to heat enough water. But in this house we live in a department with a bunch of random people, so we don't have a safe place we can hang our clothes to dry, so we just drape them over chairs and our bed posts - and it takes like 2-3 days for things to dry. My comp is smart and washes the clothes from the day before every morning... I'm a bit more lazy and do it all in one batch on Monday :)

So Mexico is awesome! They really like soccer here. In Canada we play street hockey or basketball, here they play street soccer. And right now it's el Mundial! The World Cup, so all day long we can hear people watching soccer - and absolutely no one is in the street or opens the door when Mexico is playing. Which always seems to be in the hottest part of the day. And everyone is walking around in soccer jerseys. And every night in our street there are a bunch of kids skateboarding, but even they have converted to soccer right now - using their skateboards to make the goals.

And the weather! I'm pretty sure I'm going to melt it's been so stinkin' hot! It hasn't rained in like a week, and we're dying of heat!

We had a multi-zonal conference on Tuesday - the last chance we had to see Pres and Hna Morales. There were about 4 zones there - and every sister in the mission was there. It was really great - Pres Morales talked a lot about Patience and Diligence and Faith. I've been studying these topics recently so it was great. The spirit was strong, and we all left with a renewed determination to work hard. To end, Pres Morales was talking to us, and then asked if we had any questions. One elder stood up, thanked him on behalf of all of us, and asked him to share his testimony with us. He did, and it was great, and I cried. Then we all hung around for a while taking pictures with him and his wife. I'm going to miss them!
Presidente Morales, Hna Mercedes and me.
Me and Hna Morales (the Mission President's wife).

All the sisters with Hna Morales.
Back L-R: Shingleton, Valdez, Cardenas, Valdivia, Hna Morales, Bravo, Zambrano, Turcio, Mercedes, Monzares (something like that), Cruz, Del Barrio
Front L-R: Lopez, Bennett, Gurley, Williams, Ingram, Me, Benson, Nance.

And on Saturday Angel got baptized! He's was our 9 year old investigator. His Grandpa baptized him and it was great. The spirit was strong and he was so excited! It was such a pleasure to teach him. He's a sweet little boy who really wanted to learn about the gospel and be baptized.
Us with Angel and his Grandpa.

Angel's Mom and little brother, his grandma, Angel, his Grandpa, Angel's Dad, and us.

And then on Sunday we had an adventure! Church ended, and 2 of the elders rushed of to the ward Heroes (air-o-es) to help Hna Ingram and Bennett - their 14 year old investigator had suddenly decided not to be baptized. So we continued as normal, hung out at the church, going to meetings etc, then went off to lunch. We were eating in the completely opposite end of the ward that day. We finally get there, only to get a phone call from the elders - telling us that the baptism was going to be at our church and they needed us to get there and get the water ready because they didn't have the keys. So we ate super fast and rushed back to the chapel! We started filling the font, and the water was cold, stunk horribly and was a lovely brownish yellow color. The baptismal font in this chapel is so annoying - it has caused us so many problems. Every time there is a baptism there is a problem with the font. Anyway, the elders get there, and try to fix the boiler, but it wasn't working. Then Hnas Ingram and Bennett arrived - with their investigator and her family! So while Ingram and Bennett stalled for about 30 min - taking the investigator for a tour of the chapel and singing a ton of hymns - the elders ran off to buy water paint so the water wouldn't be brown and Hna Mercedes and I kept trying to fix the font. We soon gave up though and went to help stall - introducing ourselves and bearing our testimonies. I pulled out all the pictures I have of you all and shared spiritualish stories about each of you to take more time. Finally the elders got there and we put the dye in the font - it was a lovely Jamaican blue but still stunk and was cold! But it all worked out and she got baptized. It was fun to come together as a district to help out a companionship, and it all was fine in the end :)

But yeah! That's been my week :) All of our investigators suddenly got sick so we didn't have anyone at church... but other than that it was a good week!
Hermana Mercedes and Me :)

Richelle and Logan, your kid is adorable.
Jordy, I loved hearing from you :)
And I loved all the stories this week - spiders, camping, etc. I was wondering when you'd get the letter! How long did it take?  (five weeks)

And Dad! Happy Father's Day! I was reading in Moroni 8:2-3 the other day, and I absolutely loved it. It's Mormon writing an epistle to his son Moroni, and I love the way he talks to his son. Every time I read it, it's like the words of my dad to me, and I tear up every time. I keep the picture of us hugging when we said goodbye in my scriptures, and I absolutely love it. Dad, you're awesome. Thank you so much for being my dad. Thanks for your example, thanks for your letters, thanks for your encouragement, and thanks for your prayers. I miss you a lot. But there is no where I'd rather be right now than here in Mexico. Whenever people ask why I wanted to serve a mission, I tell them about my dad - his mission, his example, and his encouragement to always be the best I can be, and I tell them that I want their families to have the same blessings mine has because my dad is a worthy priesthood holder, and he always taught us to give our all. I love you so much dad. I miss you and can't wait to return to swap mission stories lol. Just one more year!

I love you people. Mexico is awesome. They have these mototaxis - motorbikes that pull carts - and I love riding around in them. And whenever we meet new people, the weather always comes up - cuz it's HOT - then they ask where I'm from and just laugh when I say Canada cuz it's so hot here. And when they ask what I miss most I say SNOW.

And we finally got our Liahonas of General Conference! Every companionship gets one in English and Spanish - to practice the other language or something like that - but I claimed the English one and Hna Mercedes claimed the Spanish one and we are always reading them. I love conference!

Hna Mercedes and I make food at night - spaghetti, pancakes, quesadillas... and we sit in our kitchen eating them and chatting. And we live on the bottom floor of the department right by the front door, so everyone walks past our kitchen and we wave at them, because we don't have curtains in our kitchen. But we're working on getting some because sometimes it's a little awkward... :)
Us eating in the kitchen - notice the big curtainless windows :)

But yeah! that's my life! I'm happy - practicing patience, diligence, and faith. The faith that success will come, the diligence to work hard and the patience to wait for the blessings! Life is great :)

Love you all - be good, say your prayers, and give Dad a huge hug for me! Love you :)
-Hermana Taylor

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