Monday, June 9, 2014

{Week 26} Polanco - June 9, 2014

Hola Familia!

So . . . President Morales has been great. I'll be sad to see him and his wife go - but we're all super excited to see what will change with a new mission president. It's really funny because no one can say his name - the members keep asking me what it is, but it's pretty hard for them to say 'Stutznegger'. Hna Mercedes has decided she's just going to say 'Presidente'. lol

And Addison is so cute!!!!! (Insert her picture here)
(Picture inserted as Auntie Hermana Taylor requested!)
She is just so cute! I loved all the pictures, even if a bunch of them were duplicates. I especially loved the ones of the mama with her bebe. SO. CUTE. I can't wait to meet her! On Wednesday I'm at 6 months, so just one year until I get to meet her!

And my compa. Hna Mercedes is the bomb! She's got a super thick accent, and there are a lot of words different in her country, so it's funny because sometimes the people have trouble understanding both of us. But we get along great and work hard. My Spanish is doing pretty good - not fluent, but getting there! But I can always easily get my point across, and the people understand, and I understand them, so it's great! Gift of tongues is real!

So this area is great. We've contacted a bazillion people, and have a few return appointments, but generally people don't let us in. We've been working so hard with out finding any new people to teach, so this week our District Leader, Elder Gurken came to our area a couple times to help us contact - and Saturday night they got in a door, found 3 investigators, and put 3 baptism fechas - for the 28th! But then they didn't come to church the next morning so... that fell through. But still! 3 new investigators! And they have a big family so...;) And then Sunday night my comp and I really just wanted to find someone new to teach. We had about 10 appointments with people we had contacted for Sunday evening, and had to go on divisions with a lady and her daughter just to make it to them all, but NO ONE let us in! But 3 gave return return appointments, so we're holding out faith that they'll be there for later on. Then we went to visit Angel - the nine year old who's going to be baptized this Saturday. He's great. Even though he's only nine, he listens and understands, and is doing all the things he should be, and is super excited for his baptism. We left his house feeling happy, and were chatting as we walked down the street and this one lady stopped us and asked where we were from (both of us have pretty thick accents) so we're meeting with her tonight! Hope that works out! And all week we've been joking/hoping that we'll find a family of 4 to baptize. Well last night, our prayers were answered! We contacted this lady awhile ago - Elena - but when we went for the appointment she wasn't there. And the other day we stumbled across her again, and she asked why we hadn't come yet - so we made another appointment for Sunday night. We went, and she was there with her 3 kids! And they all listened and agreed to be baptized! So now we just have to help them understand the importance of reading, and praying and coming to church, so they can get their answer! But it was great. A perfect miracle to end a week of hard work . Seriously, this area is great. :)

Sunday we ended the night with a Noche do Hogar - FHE - with the familia Uribe. They are a large family made up of members, and less actives, and recent converts. We watched a Mormon message - Totalmente Solo - by Jefferey R Holland, when he's talking about the atonement and how Christ was completely alone. Then afterwards we went around the circle and everyone had to share what they felt/learned or their testimony, and the family just wasn't into it. The kids were noisy, some people refused to answer, one guy said 'I didn't learn anything' and... basically the Spirit wasn't there. So then Hna Mercedes and I bore our testimonies about the Atonement, and it got so quiet. Everyone was listening. The Spirit got super strong, and I actually cried! I haven't cried in a lesson in a long time! Then after, all those who had been distracted or refused to answer, ending up bearing their testimonies to each other for almost 30 min! It was so spiritual! Then when we finished we were all super happy as we played a game and ate a treat. It was a great evening. I love teaching and testifying about the Atonement - la Expiación in Spanish. I have gained such a testimony of the Atonement as I've been here. His help is evident in our lives, and I am so grateful to Him. He lives and He loves us! I KNOW this to be true.

I love being here. Mexico is great. There are horses pulling carts that go up and down the streets collecting garbage, people selling food at all hours of the day, Moto-taxis which are motorcycles pulling little carts around, shops, tianguis, dogs and cats that are seriously everywhere, rain that comes everyday, heat, colorful concrete houses.... I love Mexico :)

My district rocks, my ward is pretty good, I had a nap today which was wonderful... life's good! And I loved all the baby pics you sent me!

You people are awesome. Be good, say your prayers, and Richelle, give Addison a kiss for me!
Love you tons!
-Hermana Taylor

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