Monday, September 8, 2014

{Week 39} Polanco - September 8, 2014

Well it sounds like you all had an eventful week! Happy Anniversary mom and dad, and I'm glad you all had fun camping and long boarding and stuff. Jenna, glad you're ok, and it was pretty funny to hear all the stories about your mishap! And Dad, miss you :) I loved our movie nights together and I miss hanging out with you. Carlee, you better practice tons, because I can't wait to speak Spanish with you! And I laughed really hard right here in the middle of the internet cafe when I found out you were switching to the tuba! After all the complaining you did about how big and heavy the trombone is, and now you're switching to tuba! lol Jordy, hope your bums ok. heehee lol. And Katia, you're getting so big in all those pictures from Mom! I miss my snuggle buddy.

Mackenzie!!! Happy Birthday Tomorrow! You're going to be 5! That's so awesome - I love you so much and will give you a really big hug in 9 months. :)

So this Thursday will be 9 months for me! That's crazy! it's gone so fast! I honestly can't believe it.

We re-arranged. I got sick of the bunk bed so we changed everything up. Yay!

And I got to play with some animals this week -  lots of fun!
A snake (it was just a little one) with Isaac - Adolfo's kid.
Me with Angel's frog (he's the grandson of a less active member) 

Angel with his frog (he's the kid that almost died on my lap awhile ago).

On Wednesday we went on divisions with the Sister Training Leader - that means she (Hna Monarez) came here with Hna Mercedes, and I went with Hna Nance to their area - which just happens to be my old area el Parque! So that was fun - I got to visit with a bunch of my old friends from that branch. Afterwards, Hna Mercedes and I talked for awhile about the things we learned or realized while we were in divisions and made a list of 10 things that we're working on as a companionship. It was a really good experience and lots of fun - I had a good time with Hna Nance.

So there were a whole bunch of random special changes the other day, and because of them all, Elder Evans is now in my ward! That's honestly really strange... to have someone from home here in the mission in Mexico with me... strange! But whatever - it's all good - I just keep wanting to call him Elder Taylor for his first name and not Elder Evans for his last name lol.

We had a pretty funny contact the other day. We were knocking some doors on one side of the street, and a guy on the other side of the street saw us and yelled '' Are you guys Jehovah's Witnesses?'' so I hollared back, ''No, we're Mormons!'' And he got so excited and came running across the street to talk to us! He said ''Mormons! I love the Mormons! They can have up to 4 wives! Do you have a pamphlet or something I can have?'' That kind of cracked us up, because he was like 70 or something, and we quickly explained that that's a rumor. He was like ''Oh then you're not Mormons, because they can have 4 wives and they have another book like the Bible and the headquarters are in Utah.'' So explained that he was right about everything but the '4 wives'. He seemed disappointed lol. But he took a pamphlet of the Restoration and walked away eagerly reading it! Maybe he'll give us a call... It was funny!

So Gustavo is great. Came to church again, and is always outside waiting for us when we have our appointments. We made a deal to help him stop drinking coffee this week, and if he doesn't, he has to buy us cake lol. But he's honestly doing really well. He feels like he hasn't gotten his answer yet, although he's reading and praying everyday and coming to church. The other day he was telling us that he's nervous - he knows that baptism is a big commitment, and he wants to be sure about it. He told us that right now he doesn't feel worthy to get baptized, so we talked a lot about repentance and the Atonement the other day, and it was a really great lesson - the spirit was strong!

And it's been great to see the converts in action! Adolfo, Ana Maria, and a several converts of the Elders are going strong and come with us to visit investigators a lot. And their testimonies are so strong! They've helped a lot of our investigators. It's great to see the changes that they've made in their lives, and how happy they are in the gospel. One convert who just reached 6 months as a member was just called as the YM's President, and his counsellors are both recent converts too. There are a lot of RM's in this ward - women and men - but it's these converts who are the strong ones who keep all the commandments, pay their tithing, come to church on time, provide references, truly magnify their callings, and ACT like they are truly converted. And little by little, the long time members are catching the spirit and starting to work more in their callings and in the missionary work. I'm not saying that all the members are fritos, there are lots that work hard too, it's just been great to see the testimonies of these converts in action.

Anyway, we have several investigators, but only Gustavo is progressing right now. And remember Alejandra? that golden investigator we could never find? Well we found her! Or rather, we found her name... on a list of converts from the last 3 years! She's already a member! And her husband too! THAT was a shock, and we are really confused about that whole situation... we're trying to find her again so we can reactivate her and her husband.

But it's been great. Hna Mercedes and I are really enjoying being comps, and we know she'll probably go the next cambio - she's almost got 6 months here, and I've almost got 4.5 months here. I'm just hoping my new comp isn't American, because English is my weakness - it's just way too easy to speak it, and if I get an American I know my Spanish will go down the drain! But I'll be fine with whomever the Lord sends me! I'm pretty positive that He knows best which Hermana I should be with :)

So... yeah! That's my week! Lots of fun here in Mexico - it's been cold and rainy lately. They say it's rained more this year than any other year. Woohoo.

I was wondering if you could send me Jaime's mailing address ... Por favor!

And bug Chelle for me - she hasn't written in awhile - since before the birth of her kid!

Love ya'll tons! Be good, say your prayers, and give Mackenzie a birthday hug for me!

Love, Hermana Taylor

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