Monday, September 15, 2014

{Week 40} Polanco - September 15, 2014

Happy Independence Day Mexico! Today, the 15th of Septiembre is Independence day here... but everyone works today and goes to school and everything. Tomorrow, the 16th of Septiembre is known as Dia Libre - Free Day - and no one will be working and all will be partying... So today is the actual Independence Day, because they won the war this day, but tomorrow is Dia Libre when they were free, so no one works or goes to school. They say the party will start tonight, and go all night, and then tomorrow they'll all be sleeping or drunk and there will be no one in the street. Usually we go to work on Monday night, but today we'll just hide in our house. Tomorrow however, we will be working because EVERYONE will be home - lots of people to listen to us!

It's been crazy here as they get ready for the party. The big things right now are fireworks and firecrackers - they sell them on every street corner and people are always setting them off in the street right in front of us. Sometimes we're walking down the street and then things start exploding - I feel like I'm in a minefield or a war zone or something! And the scary part is that it's generally kids ages 8 - 18 that are playing with them with no parents in sight! Yikes! But apparently tonight is when it'll go crazy - bangs every other second. We've been told we won't be able to sleep. Yay.

So we found the sweetest old guy while knocking doors. His name is Aaron, is 70 years old, and is in a wheelchair. He sits in the shade by his front door all day long, so when we knocked, he opened the door at once. I told him we wanted to share a message with him about Jesus, and he got so excited he let us in at once and started sharing his life story and his love for Jesus with us. About 6 years ago he and his wife were walking down the street and got hit by a combi (those vans used for public transport). His wife died, and he ended up in a wheelchair. And all he wants is to 'get good with God' so he can see his wife again. He's so sweet! The only problem is his memory is a bit off, so we have to teach him super simply and repeat things a lot. But he gets it, and he loves it, and he's got lots of 'ganas' to learn more. (I don't know how to translate ganas - it's like will power and desire and stuff). He was so excited to come to church with us - every time we visited him he reminded us - ''I want to go to church with you guys. Don't forget to come get me on Sunday!'' He was so excited that Saturday night he took a bath and laid out his clothes and polished his shoes - and then got sick. Sunday morning he had a huge fever and couldn't come. It was sad :( He lives with his kids who are never home, so we haven't gotten the chance to teach them at all, but his daughter answered the door on Sunday and told us how sad he was that he wouldn't be able to come. Pobrecito. He's great though, and I know he'll make it!

Gustavo is also doing great - he was out of town this weekend so couldn't come to church, but he's excited and looking forward to it! He was feeling a little unsure, because he wasn't sure if he had received his answer from God yet, but we had a great lesson the other day about revelation and how if we ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, and faith in Christ we'll get our answers, and how our answers generally don't come in a lightning bolt, but are generally feelings of peace, happiness - that 'burning in the bosom'. The next day, when we came to visit, the first thing he asked was what he needs to bring for his baptism! He's ready and excited, and it's been great to teach him. Now we just need to help him stay strong this last week before his baptism!

It's been getting chilly. Not Canada chilly, but Mexico chilly, and I'm used to heat now, so it's seems cold to me!

We had a zone conference that was great - President Stutznegger talked about lots of things and I loved it. They made us perform a skit - called us up at the last minute and dressed us up as mice lol. Six Latinos had to read a story in English while six Americans (and me!) acted out the story. It was about a cat who chased some mice, but the mama mouse saved them all by barking like a dog. Moral of the story, it's good to speak another language, and the point of it all was to teach the native Spanish speakers that they need to study English while we study Spanish.
President Stutznegger and I.
Some mice and a tree (photo courtesy of Hna Stutznegger).

Hna Mercedes and I after the Zone Conference.

Some Elders and Hermanas after the zone conference.

Last Friday night there was a stake activity - a Noche Mexicana (a Mexican Night) where there was dancing, food, and stuff. We went for about 30 min to see if our investigators went. We invited them all and several said they'd meet us there... didn't show up though. They set up a huge tent outside and lots of people were in traditional dress. It was cool!
The Noche Mexicana

 But anyway... life's great! Mexico is great, My companion is maravillosa, and the food is delicious! lol
Hna Mercedes and Me!
Hitting the 9 month mark has made me think a lot about how my first half of the mission went, and how I want my second half to go. I've set a couple of goals to help improve myself so that I can work even harder and more effectively and so that more people can have the chance to come unto Christ. It's been amazing to be here - I've been learning a ton of things, and I know I'm only going to learn more! It's been great!
Me and the famili a Uribe - a family of actives, less actives and non members that I love.
I love you all tons and hope you have a lovely week. Be good, say your prayers, and Suerte with your volleyball Jordy, Carlee and Jennafer! Love you all tons :)

-Love Hna Taylor
PS - Dad: A tortilla is like a soft taco shell, only made from corn flour and smaller. A taco is a tortilla filled with meat and stuff. A burrito is a big taco with beans inside. An enchilada is like a taco, but swimming in salsa. A quesadilla is a large tortilla in an oval shape filled with melted cheese (queso). A gordita is a fat tortilla that's cooked with meat inside it, then cut open like a pita pocket and stuffed with food. There are a billion other variations, but these are the most common, and are delicious!

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