Monday, September 22, 2014

{Week 41} Polanco - September 22, 2014

Carlee, thanks for your letter! That's awesome that you want to get your patriarchal blessing! And Jordy! I'm so excited I'll get to be there for your grad!
Mom, the only effects we had from the hurricanes was rain. And lots of it. :)

So... this week started out rough and ended great! We had several days this week where we were able to have a bunch of appointments in the morning, then we had lunch, and then couldn't find anyone in their house until 7:30ish! So we walked around for several hours everyday just searching out less actives and old investigators and contacting. We've been really tired this week due to all the walking - we arrive home and collapse.

But the week ended great, because Gustavo got baptized! He gave us a fright though - showed up late to Sacrament Meeting. We were all set to leave church after the sacrament to go find him and find out why he didn't come - but then the sacrament ended and as we were headed down the aisle to leave, he walked in! And he brought his mom and aunt with him! He lives with them, but they don't want to listen to us (yet!). We actually contacted his house about 2 months ago - his mom answered the door and was downright rude. But then Marcus (a member) gave us the reference for Gustavo (his cousin) and came with us to show us where the house was. We got in the door easy as pie, and taught the restoration - Gustavo told us from the start that he's not very disciplined and couldn't picture himself changing and joining a church - 4 weeks later, he got baptized! That was pretty awesome :) The church is true! The missionaries tried to teach him about 2 years ago, but every time they came he was drunk... now he doesn't even drink coffee! (That was a bit a of a fight - he's drunken coffee everyday of his life - but now he stopped!) The baptism was really stressful though - it was after church, and the bishop had told us very specifically that since church ends at 1:30, we had to start the baptism at 1:35. So we left Relief Society early and were running around trying to get everything ready, but primary ended late... (the font is in the primary), and we couldn't find Andres (the guy who was going to baptize him) and then the elders were supposed to have a baptism too so we were waiting for them to get ready... we ended up starting at 2:00 (oops!). But as soon as we started and especially when Gustavo entered the water, the spirit just got so strong, and I just got so happy! I LOVE seeing people make this covenant with their Heavenly Father. It was awesome :)
Us, Andres, and Gustavo
Hna Mercedes, Andres (the recent convert who baptized Gustavo), Gustavo's mom, Gustavo, Gustavo's niece, and me!

And in church this week, 7 people received the Melchizedek Priesthood - one 18yr old, and 6 recent converts! It was so great to see these converts that are so strong in their faith. Love it!

And last night we did a training night thing about missionary work, and we invited Presidente Stutznegger! So he came and did a great presentation and I think it got the members excited to share the gospel - and it was fun to see President and Sister Stutznegger for a bit. They drove us all home after. It was funny, because Elder Evans comp (Elder Martinez) was feeling really sick all night and was sitting in the front seat of the vehicle, so when we pulled up to their house he jumped out running for his house and disappeared inside (we think he was off to vomit or something...), and Elder Evans was stuck in the backseat, and Hna Mercedes wasn't paying attention and didn't move so he could get out and go with his comp. It was pretty funny!
Us and the Stutzneggers

Us and Isabel (she's making us each a skirt right now - by hand!)

AND on Sunday in the Gospel Principles class they were talking about eternal families and how we can be together forever, and what parents should do to raise their children in righteousness. And as they went through everything, I couldn't help but think of you two, mom and dad. You guys did a great job raising us. I love you both so much and am so blessed and grateful that you're my parents. Keep up the good work lol :)

I got my hair cut today. Just sayin'. It was pretty bad - the sun here is really hard on my hair and I had a ton of split ends.

And I've been thinking a lot lately about that scripture in D&C 121 - ''Many are called but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen? Because their hearts are set upon the things of this world, and they aspire to the honors of men...'' (something like that. At this point I know that scripture better in Spanish than in English lol) I've already been called as a missionary, and right now I'm trying to do all I can to be 'chosen' and not just 'called', by trying to focus entirely on the work and not allow myself to get distracted by the music in the street, or the fact that I'm tired, or what I'll do when I get home. And I feel like I've been noticing a bit a of a change - the spirit has been really strong lately.

Aaron is doing great - came to church and everything. He's such a sweet old guy. And he's progressing really well. We love visiting him.

And we saved a life the other day. Well, sort of, not really. We were walking down the street and this old guy who was sitting in a chair tried to get up and fell, whacking his head on the bumper of a car - cut his head pretty bad. Lots of blood. So we went running to help his family help him, and I got to practice my nursing skills again. The next day we passed by to make sure he was all right - and one of his nieces agreed to listen to us for a bit. But then the old guy's wife came out and got mad and chased us off. Literally (''In this family we're Catholic and we'll stay Catholic!'') But it's ok. One day they'll listen :)

So... yeah! Fun life here in Mexico. Cambios are next week. It's very likely, but not certain, that this will be Hna Mercedes' and mine last week together. I've loved being her comp. It's been a tough three cycles, but we've seen a lot of blessings too. Love her to pieces!

Hope you're all doing well back home! Hope ya'll have a marvellous week, and we'll talk later! Be good, say your prayers, and spike that ball for me sisters!

Love you -
Hna Taylor
Rocio - a member who sells quesadillas and gorditas in a street stand. We eat here every Monday. She's making Gorditas right now :)

Gorditas! - I LOVE these. Super greasy and delicious.

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