Monday, April 20, 2015

{Week 71} Polanco - April 20, 2015

So this has been a pretty interesting week! Lots of cool stuff happening :)

Carlee, I will be wanting my clothes back. lol
According to the Color Code, I'm half blue and half white.
We did get to listen in on Hna Ingram's sister's mission call. She's going to Peru. That was pretty cool.

This week our Sister Training Leader duties included a training meeting for all the new missionaries that are about to complete their first cycle in the mission - but nobody told us about the meeting until it had already started, so we arrived late. Oops! Our new phrase is ''vamos a wing-it'' (we're going to wing-it) because we've had lots of unexpected teaching/training experiences. And we got to teach Institute! We gave a ten minute thing at the beginning of a class and we talked about what the YSA (Young Single Adults) can do to share the gospel. It went really well.

I'm loving being with Hna Ingram. We're getting along well and we do work really well together - She always laughs at me when I try to speak English because it's more of a Spanglish lol. We're a good team.

We had a ward movie night and watched Charly. I cried. So did the whole ward.

So on a bad note... I was used to getting a couple catcalls a day, but now that I'm with another white girl, we get A TON of catcalls. And some of them are just plain rude and dirty. Hna Ingram always gets mad when it happens. And the other night, we were on our way home, when a car passed by slowly, and the driver called out ''Taxi... for free...'' we speed-walked away, and he flipped a u-turn and followed us, and called out again! But then he went off the other direction and stopped bothering us. But we've seen his car a couple times this last week in the street. We're avoiding that street at night.

But on a good note, we're seeing a ton of miracles!

So last week, Hna Ingram and I saw a lady in the street and we both felt like we should contact her, so we did, and she gave us her address and an appointment. We went to the appointment, and knocked on the door, and this guy came out. Turned out that she lied to us and gave us a false address. But, we started talking to the guy, and he let us come back and visit him. We've been teaching him the last week, and yesterday he came to church! His name is Carlos and he is 54 years old. He's doing really well and we've got some high hopes for him! We haven't gotten the chance to talk to his family yet, but hopefully this week! And Gustavo is fellow-shipping him.

And Jorge is finally progressing! I don't know why we keep trying with him - normally we drop investigators fast if they don't progress. But we've kept working with him these last five months, and this time something is definitely different. The other day he was completely honest with us and just completely opened up. He told us everything - how he felt, what things he needed help with, and a ton of other stuff. We had a really great lesson with him, and we're praying so hard that he'll keep going strong with his desire to change completely.

And we're also teaching another of Adolfo's friends. (He always has a ton of references!) Her name is Rosa, and she's 33. She's great - the first lesson we didn't really have much time, so we just talked a bit about how praying and reading the scriptures and going to church and keeping the commandments would help her come closer to God and would change her life. She completely opened up, and she and I were crying. Then we invited her to get baptized, and without knowing anything about the church, she said yes! She's progressing really well - she has a really big desire to change and be a better person. She's had a tough life - her dad abused her, and she moved in with her boyfriend when she was 13. She was a drug addict, and did some bad stuff to get her hands on drugs - she was even a prostitute for awhile. But these last few years she's been getting her life back in order. And she loves everything we teach her. She has a little boy named Victor who's 7, and he is the cutest little boy - super nice and polite. They both came to church on Sunday and loved it.

It's been amazing to see how people's lives change when they hear the gospel. A lot of the people here have some really rough pasts. They tell us their stories and we cry with them - it's so sad sometimes to hear about the stuff they've gone through. But to see the joy that they feel as they completely change their lives around is amazing. And to be one of the Lord's servants and help these people receive the restored gospel and the blessings that come with it is an experience so amazing - I love it here. I love the people here. One of my favorite scriptures is Alma 31:34-35. Everyone here on the earth has already decided to follow Jesus. They just don't remember. And if we put our trust in the Lord and open our mouths to share all that He has given us, we can help them remember and be brought unto Him again. I love everyone here. Even the cat-callers. Like Alma says ''their souls are precious and many of them are our brethren''.

I've been thinking that maybe when I come home I'll give you all a hug in the airport, then just get back on the plane and come back to Mexico. I love you all and can't wait to see you again, but I always knew that I would get to come back and be with you all again. But the people here have a big part of my heart, and when I go home, it's likely that there are some people here that I will never see again in this life. And that makes me sad because I love them.

So in three weeks it's Mother's Day - any particular time you want me to call? It's funny because last year, I was anxiously counting down the days till I got to skype with you. And at Christmas it was the same. But right now, I'm not as anxious! I think it's cuz I'll talk to ya'll, and a month later I'll be there with you!

I love you all tons. You're in my prayers always. Be good, say your prayers, and enjoy softball season!

Lots of love,
-Hermana Taylor

This picture is from Veronica - a sister in my first ward that helped me a ton. This is from when we went to visit Aculco awhile ago.

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