Monday, April 27, 2015

{Week 72} Polanco - April 27, 2015

So I don't know how much time I'm going to get to write you all... I'm in the mission office. We get to do new missionary training today - that should be fun. In a bit, someone is going to come get us to take us to the CCM (MTC in Mexico City) - the old benemerito and we're going to pick up the new missionaries then come back and train them all day. Tonight we'll be sleeping in the President's house, tomorrow are changes in the morning, and all afternoon we'll be with the missionaries that are leaving. We'll sleep in the President's house again, then take some missionaries to the airport, and then finally get back to the area to work Wednesday in the afternoon!

Jordy! Congrats on your college graduation! And congrats on cutting out carbs! I'm so proud of you!
And Dad, I loved your letter, even if it was slightly trunky.
As for the airport, I don't really care. I'm just excited to give you all a hug. I'd love to have my grandparents there.

So this week was filled with a bit more bad news...

We dropped Jorge. We realized that he's pretty much a pathological liar - He lies about everything and invents fantasies - he told us he had a kid and 6 girlfriends, but that he wanted to change his life... we prayed about it then dropped him, and it's sad, but we feel good about that decision. When he's ready he'll progress.

And Rosa won't be getting baptized anytime soon. We went to visit her one day, and she was super excited. But then that night she and her ex-boyfriend of three years got back together. So they both came to talk to us the next day. She and he told us of their love for one another - it was honestly really sweet. And we had already mentioned to her about the temple and eternal marriage, and she had shared that stuff with him, so they both came to the appointment with a desire to get married and be together forever. And she was super excited about her baptism, And Israel (her boyfriend) wanted to learn more about the church too... but the problem is that they aren't married. But to get married, they first have to get divorced. They're both married to other people - they've been separated from their spouses for over ten years, but they just never bothered to get divorced. And their spouses don't want to give them a divorce - just to be difficult. So it's going to cost a ton of money and it's going to take a loooong time. When we told Rosa that she wouldn't be able to get baptized until they were both divorced and married, she cried so hard. I've never seen someone with such a desire to get baptized after such a short time. And Israel was also crying super hard, because he knew that if he and Rosa hadn't gotten back together, she could have gotten baptized. And he felt so sad that he was stopping her from getting what she wanted. But we talked a lot with them about faith and endurance, and on Sunday they both came to church with us as well as their 7 year old son Victor (Victor loves the church by the way!). They're such a great little family - they've started working on their divorce, and their plan is to just keep coming to church until they can get baptized - Israel told us after an appointment ''divorce us, marry us, and baptize us.'' We love them and we're going to keep visiting them once a week to help them keep up their plans, but it's really sad. We felt so bad for them.

But Carlos is doing great. And Edith (the mom of the other Edith that just got baptized) is working on getting married too, so that she can get baptized May 10th.

We did a stake activity the other day - it was a lot of fun. It was called ''A Day in the Mission''. At 8am, we went to the stake center, and there, they split us up with a bunch of youth. And we did divisions all day with the youth - that was fun. They studied with us, then worked with us the whole day. We all went back to the stake center that night, and then we had a testimony meeting. It was a really fun experience - it was super hot that day, so we were all exhausted (and I got sunburned). But it was awesome to hear all the experiences that the youth had. I was with a 15 year old girl named Atziry. She was really sweet but really shy... but we got along well and we enjoyed the day. We spent almost the whole day in the street contacting because for some reason no one was home... but it was a good time.

''A Day in the Mission'' Us with our comps. Hna Ingram was in a trio.

And on Sunday we got to go to see my investigator Raul from Oriental get baptized ! That was awesome. Super special and it was really nice to see.

Raul's baptism! Me, Hno Arturo, Raul, Hna Ramirez and Hna Luque
But I've got to go now! I love you all tons and hope you all have a great week! Be good, say your prayers, and enjoy your week!
Love you :)
-Hermana Taylor

I'm back! False alarm, I have more time to write.

So this week we did divisions - that was a lot of fun. I stayed in P--, and Hna Tirado - one of the new sisters, came with me. She's great and has a ton of potential. She'll be a great missionary.

And on Friday we got to go to the Mission Leadership Meeting. It was all the Zone Leaders, the Assistants, the President and his wife, and us! And we had to do a capacitation there. We were given the topic of The Book of Mormon, and we decided to focus more in how we can receive and apply personal revelation from the Book of Mormon in our lives. It went really well.

And I have to go!


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